Thursday, July 30, 2009

One Year Old Pictures

I just realized this morning that I haven't posted any pictures that Tanner and I took for Kendal's one year. We also got family pictures done and we are so excited to see how they turn out!! Here are a few of my favorites from when Tanner and I took them! : ) Enjoy!

ps Have I mentioned how much I'm loving life right now? My house is always clean, my daughter is happier cuz we play together and read more. My personal life is strengthening. Tanner and I hang out more. Life is just great!! I love it! Who would've thought that dropping facebook would do such a thing! Now I can blog more, during her naps of course! Life is just really fantastic right now!! : )  : )  : )

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Kendal's First Birthday!

Wow! Can you believe she is already one?! Man! I just had her yesterday!! It's crazy how fast this year flew by! The day before Kendal's birthday, we went camping. We haven't been camping since we were first married. It seemed every time we'd plan a trip, Tanner ended up in the hospital with his heart problem. Luckily, this time we were able to go. 

Setting up the tent!

Sweet Girl!

Starting the fire

Kendal wanting to help


So these next few pictures deserve a story...Tanner and I went on a hike. We started down the path and then heard this loud rattle. Immediately I jumped back thinking I stepped on a rattlesnake. Luckily though, it was off to the side in the rocks. I have never ever had an encounter with a rattlesnake so I freaked!! Of course Tanner, being the pest that he is...started to throw rocks by it to make it mad. Tanner asked me if I wanted to see how the rattlesnake attacks...he then threw his hat by the snake. Luckily though, the snake was already on it's way under the rocks and didn't see. Man! I was so scared that when a BUTTERFLY flew by me and I jumped and screamed! Ah!! lol 

Kendal didn't want to ride on Daddy's shoulders...she wanted to walk with us.

We got home around 3 or so on Kendal's birthday. We rushed around to get food and decorations for the party. I never seemed to stop rushing around until 10pm that night! AH! So unfortunately I didn't take any pictures, luckily my mom brought her camera and took some! We had lots of fun with everyone who came! Thanks for everything!! 

Kendal's Birthday....She liked putting her foot in the sprinkler 

Loves Uncle Ben!

Kendal's Cakes!!

What do I do with this?!?

Scared hahaha

It got on her toe and she got mad!!

She liked opening the gifts much better!

I tried to upload a video of her eating the cake..but I think it was too long...oh well, pictures are great too! 

Now that Kendal is one I kind of wanted to go through and talk about all she does now! 

She's been walking for 3 or 4 weeks now! 
She is using her sign language and uses it properly. She can sign milk, more, eat, all done and we are working on please and thank you
She sings with me as I rock her to sleep
She reads me the books instead of me reading them
She is non-stop. Always on the go. Loves to explore and figure out how things work
She talks all day long and can play all day long with out me having to be there with her to help entertain her. (Which is amazing! She's always been like that though)
She LOVES animals. Mostly dogs...she sees a dog and either starts barking or saying dog. Sometimes she'll do both :)
She is big into mimicking. Any noise we make, she copies. Sometimes she does it with words too. It's the cutest thing! Tanner clears his does Kendal. Tanner burps....Kendal mimics the sound. If Tanner and I are in different rooms trying to get the others attention by saying their name really loud...Kendal does the same. DAD! DAD! Until he answers 
She LOVES to cuddle! 
And she LOVES her Daddy!! 

Monday, July 27, 2009

My Sweet Daughter....just can't get enough of her!

Kendal and I have been having so much fun together! I love my new camera because I am able to capture such sweet videos of my daughter! Here are a few from today. The first one she is reading her books to me. When we read books together she has to hold the book, turn the page and tell me the story! I absolutely LOVE it!

This video is today during lunch. We had a picnic in the living room and she was dancing to music. She also shows off her sign language she is learning! She is such a fast learner! I'm so glad Tanner and I taught her to sign. It's been such a huge help in knowing what she needs.'s super cute to watch her learn!!

Bye-Bye Facebook

This weekend I have decided to get rid of some things in my life that are a distraction. If I want to improve my life, there are things I need to do and take out of my life. Facebook is one thing. Friday or Saturday, while Kendal was napping, I jumped on facebook and was looking around at all my friends. I realized that facebook has become like an addiction to some people, updating their status every 10 minutes about everything they are doing. Or just sitting online for hours wasting time they could be spending with family or doing their family duties. In result of noticing this, I canceled my facebook account. I have mentioned on my facebook how BORED I am...well have you ever noticed that I'm bored while sitting on facebook? I only get on when Kendal is sleeping, which naps are like 2 hours, and I just sit there staring at the screen for two hours...who WOULDN'T be bored? DUH! Get off the computer and quite being idle. We have be told that. Do not be idle. Well, I put this into action yesterday and what a change in my little family. No one was just sitting on the computer while the other was taking care of Kendal. We were playing together and getting things done that needed to be done. It was a great feeling. I just wanted to inform some people on why I have made this decision. I hope people will respect my decision and support me. I plan to keep updating my blog. Don't you worry, I know everyone loves my family! hahahaha I think blogging is awesome. My grandma in Utah and every other family member who is out of state, I know loves to see what we are doing and blogging is a great way to do it. It takes just a few minutes to type something up and posts some pictures. This is my decision and I know it will strengthen my family because we will be spending more time together. Take a look at could help too : ) 

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Kendal and Jay

Kendal loves to have friends come over and play! The other day my friends went to the temple so I watched their little one. He is soo sweet! Kendal and Jay had so much fun playing together! Kendal would watch what Jay would do and then mimic him. The sweetest thing! Here is a video of them playing!!

Monday, July 20, 2009


Kendal LOVES to go swimming! She is now sitting on the edge of the pool and jumping to Tanner and I. 

Water was a little cold

Going under the sprinkler thingy in the pool



Sunday, July 19, 2009

I love doing crafts!

I decided this weekend that I enjoy doing crafts. Yesterday I held a baby shower for a good friend. Trying to decided what to get her for her shower, I remembered what another friend made me. I called my friend and asked for instructions on how to build this present. After making this gift, I was pretty excited about the outcome! It was my first time being really "crafty" and I really, really enjoyed it! it is! A diaper cake!

(My friend's theme for her baby room is the rainforest. I thought the frog went cute with that. Plus she said it's her favorite animal!) 

And a HUGE HUGE thanks to my hubby for staying up late and helping me roll the diapers and put it together! I love you babe!!