Saturday, July 26, 2008

She's Here!!!

My favorite picture! : )

Our little bundle of joy, Kendal Buck, arrived on July 22, 2008 at 2:56pm. Kendal weighed 8lbs 3oz and was 19 1/2 inches long.

After going to the Doctor's on Monday afternoon, Doctor decided it was best if I were induced. (One week early.) We went to the hospital that night and started all the medicine around 11:30pm. I ended up getting an epidural around 6:30am because the contractions were horrible!! I pushed for a total of 3 long exhausting hours! And finally she came!! It was the neatest experience ever!! (Don't plan to experience that for a few years lol) Normally, when babies first come out, they let out this big cry. Not Kendal! They put her on my tummy and she was just was so peaceful and looking around. They flicked her feet and kept pestering her, but she still wouldn't cry. Even when they gave her her shots, she did not cry! They only time I heard her cry was when they were bathing her. Even now Kendal never cries, unless she's getting a bath or needs a diaper change. Most of the time I have to wake her up to eat! She sleeps very well through the night and is so calm. When she is awake, she's very alert and content. She loves her daddy very much. She hears his voice and her head hurries and looks over towards him. Tanner is such a wonderful daddy and husband. With the delivery, he was there encouraging me on and letting me know how super close I was to having her out! I did tear when she came out, a 4th degree, and Tanner has been helping out so much around the house. It's so wonderful!!

July 22 is a special date for Tanner and I. Two years ago on that date we had our very first date. It's kind of neat that we, two years after our first date, we have our first baby! Crazy how fast time flies!

Well, here are some pictures of Kendal! Enjoy!

Monday, July 21, 2008

No Baby Yet...

Still no baby here in the Buck home. We've got about a week until our actual due date!! Getting pretty exciting and nerve racking at the same time : ) This past weekend was pretty good. Tanner and I realized that this COULD/HOPEFULLY be our last weekend just he and I. So Friday night we went to dinner and then went goofy golfing. Sad to say, but he beat me : ) Then Saturday Tanner wanted to go ride his bike, such a little kid lol. He was gone for most of the day, so Hilary and I had a sister day! We went to lunch and then saw the movie Space Chimps. Such a good movie!!

Well here are some more picture's we took. I actually had my sister take them for us. Enjoy!

Thursday, July 3, 2008


Well I got some pictures from our maternity shoot on's not about the face but the belly, right!? : ) I didn't realize how chubby my face is! But my belly is cute...Enjoy! (I'm sure more are coming! These are just a few I stole off the photographer's website)


It's finally July! I thought this month would NEVER come! I have been looking forward to this month since, well, when I found out I was due in July! : ) I had another doctor appointment yesterday. Found out Baby Kendal ISN'T breech anymore! YAY! But I honestly am glad that I found out all that I did about c-sections and all they do for breech babies. It's good knowledge to have! I only have a few more weeks and then Kendal will be here! 

There really isn't anything really going on right now in the Buck home. Tanner is trying to find a new job. The one he has now is a stinky job with a stinky manager! But he's found two jobs that from day one of being hired, you get full benefits! That's what we need right now! We are hopefully going apartment hunting this weekend. I don't want to worry about finding a new place after Kendal is born. We are planning to move out west towards Avondale. Tanner will be going to school there probably starting in October. In September I want to go to Utah to visit my grandparents and family and all Tanner's family. Also to watch my brother play football! But we'll see what happens! Anyway, I think that's all that is going on for now. Not sure what we are doing for the 4th of July! Tanner's got it off, but we'll probably just stay home and get some house work done and cars cleaned!