Saturday, September 3, 2011

5 Month Old Mylee!!!

Can you believe Mylee is already 5 months old?! I thought I'd be way sad as she got older, but she is just way too much fun! She is doing a lot better with eating now. I think she really enjoys her solid foods, which is so nice since we had such a hard time with nursing. Here's a list of things about her at 5 months old...

*She loves tummy time and loves to sleep on her tummy.

*She talks, A LOT. Even when she eats. Milk or food, she hums has she takes a bite. She makes some of the cutest noises. 

*She grabs everything with in her arms reach. And she starts reaching as soon as something becomes in arms reach. She gets really excited as she grabs too. Her eyes get huge and she starts moving fast. It's super cute.

*She enjoys attention. She can play on the floor for a good while by herself, after a while she start whimpering. Yes, a VERY pathetic whimper. As soon as someone gets down and starts talking to her she starts giggling. A sort of fake giggle. 

*She has found her squealing voice and squeals ALL. THE. TIME. Even when she cries. It's sure funny to see how her cry has changed from when she was a newborn til now. 

*She loves to read/look at books.

*She slobbers as she watches us eat our "big kid food"

*She constantly has her mouth opened like a baby bird waiting to be fed. She loves my kisses, or at least I think she does. She giggles after I kiss her. She doesn't like Daddy's as much, his face is pokey. 

*She can fall asleep on her own. I LOVE THIS!! Kendal NEVER did this. When Mylee starts to whimper, we put her on our bed, blocked in by pillows, with her binky and blanket and she will fall asleep 1-10minutes later. 

*She loves to roll. She rolls around on the floor back and forth while munching on her fists. Yes, her whole fist. Sometimes both of them. She has a big mouth. 

*Speaking of signs of teeth yet.

*She is also sitting really well now. Still topples over often but is holding the position for a longer time. I think she enjoys sitting. If she's not on her tummy, she gets frustrated cuz she can't see everything that's going on. 

*She loves Kendal. Any noise Kendal makes, Mylee giggles. And man, she's got such a sweet giggle. All babies do! 

I think that pretty much sums up Mylee. She is a joy to have in our family and we love her to pieces. She always puts a smile in our hearts. 

Crazy Kendal!

Last night we went to a pool party. A bunch of the kids started jumping of this 6ft, or taller, ladder into the pool. Kendal sat and watched for a while and then decided she wanted to jump! Ah! She hesitates when she jumps off the diving board. I had no idea she would even consider jumping off this tall ladder. Well, she did. He's a little video. She did it a second time with hesitation and didn't want to jump anymore. My curious kid! Sorry it's sideways. I recorded this on my phone. :) The dad standing next to the ladder is over 6ft tall. You get the idea of how tall this ladder is?! Crazy Kendal!