Saturday, March 31, 2012

Finally An Update!

Life has sure been crazy these past few weeks/months. Everything is great! I haven't been the best at taking photos like I should. My days are full. By the time we wake up, eat breakfast, do my running, and get Mylee down for's past noon. Then Tanner gets home around I feel my days are just flying by!

Where to start? Kendal girl is growing so fast! The first week of March, Kendal decided she wanted her training wheels off her bike. We had just gotten back from an early evening walk and she saw the 2 neighbor boys out riding. It's funny because they all ride together often and when I tried getting her to ride with no training wheels 4 or 5 months ago, she did not like it. Screaming, crying, we stopped. But this time, all on her own she decided she was ready. I wish I would have gotten video of the first try but I didn't. We did get video a few tries later. She picked this up SO FAST! I only had to hold on for the first try and after that she was off. We did need to teach her the little things about putting her feet down on the ground if she felt like she was going to tip, but other than that, she's a pro! I was very surprised!

No judging my awesome attire. :)

 We take lots of walks in the wagon. 

 One day while hiking she found a pair of sunglasses but one of the lens was broken, so we smashed out the other one and she wore them as glasses for a few days. 

 Always making funny faces.

 Grandma Toone made Kendal an apron for Valentine's Day. For a while after she got it she would always cook with me...but it's kind of stopped now, mainly because I'm in a rush to get dinner done. I should better plan because she really enjoyed cooking with me.

 Kendal likes to steal my phone and leave cute photos of her on it.
 She drew a dog. I thought it was pretty smart. Different than a person because a person has 2 legs...the dog has 4 and a tail out to the side. Smart kid. :)

 Painting my nails.

I bought a $10 pool from Walmart the other day. The girls LOVE it. It's been so hot here, it's nice to have a pool. 
Kendal is still a crazy active girl. She is really smart and really funny. Funny story, a couple weeks ago we were rushing to get ready for church, which is common, and Tanner was being a stinker. Anything I said to him, he'd say some smart alleck response, which again is common, but when I'm rushing it gets REALLY annoying. SO....has I'm "twirling" Kendal's hair, I asked him "what time is it?" I knew a smart alleck comment was coming, I was waiting for "It's peanutbutter jelly time, peanut butter jelly time" (You know that song? Yes, it's a real song.) Anyway he said "what would you like me to say." "Say the actual time" I replied back and before he couldn't even look at the clock KENDAL pipes in and says VERY smart alleck-y "The actual time!" hahahahaha we DIED! I couldn't believe she picked up on how annoyed I was with Tanner's comments that she too had to join in and bug mom. It's what I live with. 

Now on to Mylee girl. She turns ONE on MONDAY! I'll do a birthday post then but for now, she's doing wonderfully, now that she's cut in all her teeth that were coming. GAH! The past few weeks she has been MISERABLE! So extremely fussy. The only time I didn't hear her whinning was on my runs or while she was napping. It really was hard on me. She's always been such a happy girl and having her fussy 24/7 was hard. I haven't cried in a long time, but man 2 weeks ago...I was done. I cried for several days. Mylee wasn't eating well, refused to touch food. It was draining. It got so bad that I was so drained that I skipped a whole week of my runs. I have NEVER done that. You get the idea, it was bad. But earlier this week, like over night, she woke up in the morning singing and super happy. Since then she is hilarious. Growling and squealing constantly. You just look at her and she giggles. OHH! It's sooo nice to have my happy baby back! Mylee is really good about entertaining herself. If she has toys out, she is playing. Which is different since she got happy again. Before she was always at my ankles. Ah. She loves playing peek-a-boo, playing chase, playing roll the ball, and LOVES to be in the bath. Anytime anyone is in there, she's at the door knocking to get in and calling out our names. Mylee also LOVES her blanket. Anytime she sees it, she grabs it and kisses it. Then she ends up crawling around the house with one of the corners in her mouth. She reminds me of a puppy. Speaking of puppies...oh my heck...does she love dogs or what!? She starts panting as soon as she sees one. She squeals extremely loud and gets super excited. She got a huge stuffed bunny for her birthday and loves it. She wrestles it and loaves it. She also has this stuffed dog she got for Christmas, she sleeps with it every night and during her nap. I hear her wake up just talking and "ooing" at it. It's very sweet.

She's saying more now. She can say Momma and of course Dadda. She says Hi and Bye now too. She also has been waving for a good while now. And clapping. She really loves to play "pat-a-cake" she claps and rolls her hands and then squeals when we "throw it in the oven" still trying to get that on video. Oh, she's finally giving kisses again. I hadn't gotten a kiss for at least 2 months. It was heartbreaking. But now she gives them all the time. I love this girl. On my runs, she is usually singing the whole time. She really enjoys being outdoors, both my girls do. I love it.

Here is a video of her saying "Hi" She's so cute. I love her eyes. And she has the sweetest voice. This video doesn't do her justice. She is always talking and cooing....until the camera comes out.

Like I said before, I haven't been good at taking photos or videos much. I really need to do better. I like looking back at some of my past posts and remembering. 

Oh ya, she is REALLY into dancing right now. She bounces and flaps her arms like a crazy girl. It's super cute. Anytime music comes on, she is grooving. Kendal did that a lot too at this age. I'm having a really fun time with Mylee right now. I love this age. I was pretty emotional about her turning one, but man...I forgot how much fun they are. 

Back when she was fussy and not wanting to eat, she was really sensitive to touch. She has eaten macoroni and cheese several times, but during those few weeks it took her a while to even touch it. I got that on video. It's a pretty long  video though. About 6 minutes. But, it's pretty cute to watch. Sissy girl. She now doesn't have any sensitivity to touching. She's back to her normal self again. Drama and all. But I love it.

Mylee girl still isn't walking yet...but I'm quite ok with that. Not really ready for her to be. But, she is finally starting to get a little more confidence. She's such a sissy girl, it's funny. But recently she likes to take our one finger and go walking. I'm almost positive she could do it by herself, she's barely holding on to our finger, but she isn't that brave yet. I give it a month. If it was my way...maybe another 2 months haha In all honesty though, sometimes it would be nice if she were walking. Like when we play outside....she starts whining after a while because crawling on the rocks hurt her knees.

Now on to Tanner. He's doing well. Still working at the golf course that is far from where we live. I think he's getting sick of driving to and from. But we don't want to move. He's looked a few times to find a closer job, we'll see what he does. I fully support whatever he wants. He's the one working to support our family so I could really care less what he long as it's legal of course ;)

I'm doing fantastic. Beating depression and hormones, most of the time. Running has really changed me. Physically and mentally. I'm down 25 pounds and hit my goal weight. A weight I weighed in college. My goal weight was from back in 2005/2006 when I was in the best shape of my life. So hitting that weight again felt awesome. It was a "high hopes" kind of goal. Not sure if I could really get there and if I couldn't I was ok with my original weight goal, which was only 5lbs heavier. Anyway, I sign up for my first marathon tomorrow. Entering for the St. George Marathon. They have a lottery to choose who runs. They have so many entries, very popular run. If I don't get in that one my second option is doing to Top of Utah Marathon in Logan. I've been training with a great girl. She has ran 27 marathons in the past 10 or so years and has ran the St George one 4 times. She knows what she's doing. She's pushing me hard. I love it. We are starting to run 25 miles a week and will increase up to 50 miles a week before the marathon. She wants to qualify for the Boston Marathon, that one she has to run any other marathon under 3hours and 40 minutes...basically around 8'30 minute miles the whole 26.2 distance. Pretty insane..but I think I might join her on that quest. Not sure if I will actually accomplish it...but I think it'd be awesome. And I'll look good from all the training :) My original goal was to run a marathon in under 4 running it 20 minutes faster could be do able. Lots of hills and lots of miles in my near future. I'm really excited about this. I finally feel amazing. Happy. It's amazing what running has done for me. I was reading some old journal entries last night and it was funny to see how much I've changed in the past little while. I knew back around my birthday in October, that this next year was going to be life changing. I just didn't know that running was the thing to change my life. Sometimes I get really emotional about it. About what it's done for me. It's exciting. I have a weight loss blog that I sometimes update too. Check it out here  

Summer is coming. Do you know what that means? DEATH. Death in our 5th wheel. When the temp outside gets above 105degrees our poor little trailer can't get below 90. So when it gets around 110 outside...we cooking at 100 inside. So....this year we bought season passes to the water park. VERY HAPPY about this. This will save us. I have a few friends who bought passes lots of time there in the water! Also, I have finally made friends where we live, after 2 years of being here haha, but a few of them have pools so if we happened to not be able to go to the water park, we'll be there chilling in the pool. Last summer sucked because there is no community pool. All the cities around us...with in running distance, under 5 miles, have community pools and you need a key. It was torture because we were so close to a pool but denied access. So these season passes will be amazing. Anyway, that's what's up with the Buck's. All doing well. :)