Friday, February 27, 2009

7 months

Kendal is 7 months old now!! Can you believe it?! Time has gone by so fast! At 7 months Kendal is crawling ALL over the place! She is always talking, squealing or saying da da. She is such a sweet little girl. Today we went in for her 6 month check up at 7 months old...opps. 

Weight: 16.13 50% 
Hight: 28 1/2 97 %
Head Circumference: 45cm 93%

She is very long and perfect. The doctor was impressed with how well Kendal sat up. Then I told the doctor that Kendal is crawling everywhere. The doctor was even more impressed and kind of shocked : ) 

I've also have had a lot of other things on my mind lately. One, I want to start cooking better. Or even just start cooking. I have made a meal plan for the next two weeks, starting Sunday, so I will post pictures and recipes! Two, I want to go back to school. Now I know I say this all the time but I'm really going to do it. I love knowing that Tanner supports me with this decision! I want to major in photography and have a minor in dance. Have you guys seen the TV show Rock the Reception? Well if you haven't, it's about a bride and a groom who get taught a really fun dance to do at their wedding reception. It's their first dance as husband and wife. Well, I think that would be totally awesome! So maybe I'll throw that in my photography business : ) I guess that's not A LOT on my mind but it's enough to keep me busy.  here's a rock the reception episode on youtube...not the best quality...


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This one is kind of boring...but I did what I was supposed to. This is my bike that my sweet husband bought for me. We found it at a garage sale for like $25. We also bought a little bike trailer to hook up to it so Kendal can come with me on bike rides. What a wonderful hubby I have! : ) Love you hun!! 

I tag... Katelyn, Amanda, Jenna, Rachel, Ellen, and Chelsea. No idea if you guys have been tagged yet or do it anyway! : )

Monday, February 16, 2009

Update And Kendal's Play Dates

It's been a while since I have posted. Mainly because there really hasn't been anything to post about. So first an update on the Bucks. Kendal is almost 7 months now. She is learning so much and so fast. She can now roll all over and is sitting like a pro. She can go from her bottom to her tummy and back from her tummy to her bottom. She is such a talker! Always happy and talking. She is now saying "da da" ALL the time!! Tanner loves it : ) (so do I) We haven't taken her in yet for her check up. I don't feel like paying to have a doctor tell me she's underweight or whatever. She's perfect! Eating all kinds of foods! Tanner is still hating his job and looking for a new one. No luck on the new one though. He is still deciding what he wants to do for school. BMW car mechanic or a journalist for Car and Driver magazine. He is so talented with cars and I'm so glad he's decided to work with them for a career. He will do so well! And as for me, I'm just working on Saturdays officiating  volleyball and being a mom. I'm getting really tired of living in Arizona, been here my whole life. I'm so ready to get away and live our own life. Other than that, we are learning so much still as husband and wife and mommy and daddy. 

This past week Kendal had 2 play dates! Monday we hung out with a friend from church, Jenna. Her son, Luke is just over a year old. Kendal had so much fun watching Luke run around and be crazy : ) On Thursday another church friend, Rachel, come over with her daughter Grace. Grace and Kendal are only a few weeks apart. It was so fun to watch them play together. Grace has never had professional pictures taken! So I offered to take some of her. (not sure how "professional I am, but we took some) Here are a few of Kendal and Grace playing in the grass!

Valentine's Day!

Valentine's weekend was the BEST weekend ever! Friday night Tanner and I went DANCING!!  We have never really been dancing before and our stake was having a dance. I'm so glad that we were able to go! We had a Blast!! Saturday we hung out in the morning. Tanner surprised me with my favorite flowers! Tulips! And my favorite candy! Milk Duds! And a balloon!  Tanner also fixed me a really yummy breakfast! It was soo awesome because Tanner never does surprises! I love them but he really never did them before so I just have to train him haha Just kidding! I love Tanner! Later in the afternoon Tanner and I went and bought Birds!  Yes! birds! (he wouldn't let me get a dog so we settled with birds.) They are little zebra finches. (picture below) I couldn't get a picture of my actual birds because they are sooo fast! Plus the cage is in the way. The bird with the orange cheeks is the male. Tanner picked out the names Bimmer is the boy and Porsche is the girl (porsha is how it's pronounced incase you didn't know : ) Later that night Tanner and I went to the temple together!! It had been awhile since we went together. It was so amazing. I am so grateful for the temple and all the temple workers! The temple is such a beautiful place and I love being in there! It was such a wonderful weekend! Thank you so much Tanner for all the fun! And thanks Grandma Toone for watching Kendal pretty much all weekend! : )