Wednesday, April 29, 2009

9 Months Old!!

I can't believe my baby is 9 MONTHS old!!! Time has flown by WAY too fast! She is still a sweet baby and soo much fun! She is very VERY animated! I love the way she talks and sings! Which, by the way, she does ALL the time! Here are some pictures Tanner and I took of her tonight! Enjoy!!

This picture was at the end...she wanted to be done :)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

First Maternity Photo Shoot!

I normally don't post my photography on this blog...BUT I just loved this shoot I did last night! Our good friends Chad and Brittney are expecting their first little boy. They came out to visit us and we took some really fun pregnancy pictures!! I loved it! Thanks guys for coming out and letting us take some pictures!! 

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Attempt To Feed Herself...

No need for words! Look at the pictures!! She is so stinkin funny!! I would put food on her spoon and then give the spoon to her! I love this little girl!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Lots Of Pictures

Kendal has learned that she can now crawl under things to get what she wants. I guess one good thing about this is that she can get herself out from under too! : )

Friday Tanner, Baby K and I went to Tanner's little sister's, Carly, softball game. It was super windy but still a lot of fun!! She did soo well!! 

Watching Carly play softball

Daddy and Baby K playing in the grass

Deciding if she wants to craw in the grass

She tried 

Daddy getting dirt out of her mouth

Her new face she does ALL the time. Comes with cute noises! Oh and her face it dirty cuz Daddy lets her eat rocks and sand : )

Carly heading to 3rd base!

Carly up to bat!

Playing shortstop!

Her and that tongue!!

Saturday Tanner, Carly, Baby K and I went to the Zoo!! It was so much fun watching Kendal's reactions to the animals! She is such a WONDERFUL girl!! We love her so much!

Wild Life World Zoo!

Carly and Tanner

"What's Up?" haha

Has anyone seen a white peacock? I never have!!

Kendal LOVED watching the animals

GOOFY monkey!!

Tanner pestering the animals

Tanner made the monkey scream at us!

Kendal LOVED looking at all the animals! It was so cute to see her trying to talk to them!

Snake Neck Turtle

He loved Kendal's fingers! He'd follow them back and forth trying to eat them. 

Baby goat eating Baby K

Align Center
At first, she thought the goats were  so funny. She was just giggling. She then got annoyed with them. 

Goats were eating her toes!!


Thought this was a cute picture

Carly feeding the baby deer

Our little monkey! She has Tanner's tongue! 

playing with her feet! 

Oh ya, if you have seen my previous posts about my friends in that contest to win a wedding? Well, unfortunately the did not win first prize! But they did get second and a lot of great things towards their wedding! Thank you to all of you who voted!! : )