Thursday, December 10, 2009


A little update from the Buck's. We are living in the motor home now and I personally LOVE it! I couldn't imagine living in a house and having to fork out soo much money on a dumb mortgage! Love it! I love the simple life. We have hardly any bills now and we are going to save so much! For Christmas I am getting a few things for Kendal. We are going to put in some fencing so we can have a gated off place of play for her. With that, we will get a few outdoor toys so she will be entertained! Speaking of Kendal...she is such a good girl! Cannot believe she is mine! She is so stinkin funny and sweet. Here are a few photos I've taken recently of her.


Her new favorite thing! Doggies! She's always loved dogs and now she has some to play with! She likes to pretend to eat their food with them.

Guess that's all for now. :)

Monday, November 30, 2009


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Tuesday, November 24, 2009


This is Kendal's new way of smiling! It's actually really funny to watch in person! She smiles as big as she can and as hard as she can. Goofy girl!

We stayed the night in our new home on Sunday. It was awesome. Monday was Tanner's birthday and he had work so I stay in the motorhome and cleaned. We are going to slowly start moving in this week and next. Very busy! Hopefully it will go fast. Here are some photos I took with my phone because I only had my zoom lens on my camera. I didn't get a good shot of the outside, but it's ugly haha The inside is perfect. No cuts or tears in the fabric. :) Enjoy these for now. I'm sure more will be coming!

Kendal really loved the motorhome. She played all day in there without getting bored! Luckily she had grandma and grandpa to also help occupy her! Here are some photos of her in the RV.

She really enjoys reading books!

And talking on the phone...even if the seat belt isn't a phone..she still likes talking into it! :)

We LOVE static! hahah NOT!

Helping grandpa hit the ball for the doggies!

Mommy and Kendal playing tug a war!

She loves the drive the motorhome, or at least pretend to.

She also found the mirrors and loves to look at her belly in them.

The inside of our motorhome.

Two chairs behind passenger seat

Couch behind the driver's seat. The couch pulls out into a queen size bed.

Kitchen table. Also pulls out to be a twin size bed.
I didn't take any photos of our bedroom because we ripped the bed out. So after we lay down wood flooring and do some other things this weekend I will put more photos up!

Saturday, November 21, 2009


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Thursday, November 19, 2009

My Sweet Blessings!

Lately I have been doing AMAZING!! Yes!! AMAZING!! Here is why:

We are moving in less than a month and for a while I was stressing really bad over this move. Some of you may not know, but we are moving into a motorhome. YES! A motorhome! We were trying to get into a house but could not. And now do not want to. They are just so dang expensive and not on my wish list anymore. So, to save money and relax for a little while we are moving into a motorhome. Tanner has been working so hard on selling a car and motorcycle to purchase a motorhome. And his hard work finally paid off! We bought a 1987 motorhome for $2400 CASH!! I feel so blessed! We will not have any payments on the motorhome to pay it off because my wonderful husband sold his car and offered the owner of the motorhome what we sold the car for and he accepted! The motorhome is in great shape! Great tires, although we won't be traveling much, great interior, 31,000 miles. This thing has been hardly used! So excited!

Another wonderful in-laws are letting us park the motorhome on their land. They have 2 acres? I'm not exactly sure. But we are able to park and hook up for only $150 a month!!! We are now paying $800 in rent a month...get my drift?! We are going to be able to save soo much! We will be so much closer to Tanner's work and family! I cannot wait!

Another beautiful, gorgeous, wonderful, sweet, hilarious daughter!! I love her so much! A couple stories about her. She says thank you and please. The other day we walked across the street to Michael's to buy some flowers to make headbands, photos to come after the writing :) We had the stroller so as I was going to open the door a lady hurried over to help. As we walked in, with her holder the door, Kendal looks up and says "thank you." haha I busted up laughing! What a sweet girl! Also, we'll be walking in Fry's, as she's pushing the cart because "it's too heavy for mommy" and every person that walks by Kendal waves and says "hello" She loves people and loves to be out! We have been going on walks every morning and I let her out of her stroller to burn some energy. She wonders around picking up rocks and leaves but stays very close to me. She is a great listener, most the time. She loves to race and play tag. And she can now say "I" lol The "you" part comes a little later. She is very much a girly girl and loves to wear jewelry and hats. I've made some headbands that we are trying to teach her to not pull off because they are pretty. Once we say how pretty she looks she leaves them alone, for a little while. :) She likes to have her toenails and fingernails painted. But then she thinks burping and passing gas (I would say fart but my mom doesn't like the word fart. Oops...I just said it twice! lol) She'll do one or the other, by forcing it out, and then giggle. (Thanks Tanner:) hahaha Anyway, just wanted to do a little update. I'm staying incredibly busy with photography and LOVE it! Check out some of my work I do have new prices as well.

I LOVE her new bows I made! So much fun and so easy to make. And probably a lot cheaper than to buy from somewhere pre-made! I can't do bows...only flowers...but I more of a flower girl anyway :) If you want to learn how I will totally teach you!! Seriously, let me know! :)

Pushing her baby around. In the first picture she is checking on her baby. :)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Somthing New I Learned...

I've always loved waterfalls and there was a certain way to take photos of waterfalls to make the water look as if it were still flowing in the photo. Well, I did it! I bought a tripod and took some photos of a waterfall! I love these!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Feeding Herself

Lately Kendal has become VERY independent. If I try to feed her...she shakes her head no and then politely asks for the spoon. I give her the spoon and she proceeds to feed herself. She actually does a very good job. Only gets her face messy. My Kendal is now 15 months old! I cannot believe it! We'll probably go out next week to do photos of her. This weekend is kind of CRAZY! I have had a photo shoot everyday for the past like 3 weeks. It's so nuts! But good news!! My camera will be paid off! In that case, I'll probably be raising my prices. A little, but more than $15! :)

Kendal wearing Aunt Hil's boots! Hilary wore her boots to school the other day to school and she literally got "moo-ed" at. It made me laugh when she told me that.

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

First Time In A LONG Time...

Today I have learned a new meaning of love. I knew it all along. But never was able to be successful at loving. Now, I have loved before but nothing like this. Today I am happy to say that I am truly in LOVE with my husband. I have always loved him. But I loved him for all the wrong reasons. There may have been different points in our marriage where I have truly loved him but that went away. I now see that I have one amazing husband and I truly LOVE him with all my heart. I can now say I love everything about him. I love his love for cars and guns. Before, it ANNOYED me HOW much he talked about them! But maybe in a way I was just jealous because I didn't have something like that. His knowledge of cars and guns truly amazes me. I love how he is a busy body. He is always having to do something or he goes crazy! Like father like daughter. Kendal is a total Daddy's Girl. Not only because she LOVES his sooo much but she is a spitting image of him. It is so funny to sit and watch both of them when they are together. When we go out, they look at the same things, investigating, searching to find out how and why it works. They both get very, VERY distracted. Sometimes while in conversation with Tanner, he'll stop talking, look at me and say something about a COMPLETELY different topic. Same thing with Kendal. The other day I asked her for a kiss and as she walked towards me to kiss me....her head turned slightly to the side and she saw something she had to go explore without Mommy getting her kiss.

It's funny to look back on our first year of marriage up to now. I was always so mad at him for such little things. He would go to the grocery store to get milk and be gone for longer than an hour! I would call, he wouldn't answer. So I waited and waited until he came home. "Where were you??" "I was at the store getting milk" "Oh it took you an HOUR!?" " and driver had a really good article about blah blah blah" So he would just stand there in the isle reading his car magazines and be in his own little world. I bet someone could rob him while he was reading and he wouldn't even know! :) But when he got home I would be soo ticked at him. Don't talk to me kind of ticked. Which I see now is silly. Tanner needs some time to himself. He works so incredibly hard and he does so much for our family, why can't he have time to read his car magazines?!

Anyway, I love him. I'm so grateful I have Tanner in my life. And I'm so grateful I can finally say that and truly mean it! Life is great!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Videos Of Kendal

Kendal has learned that burping and tooting are funny. So she forces both out. In the first video she is doing her fake burp. If she hears someone burp, she will usually mimic with her fake burp.

This is for Steph, my sister-in-law. She had asked for a video where Kendal is chattering. This is Kendal talking a little bit. Can never get a good one on video because she's more interested in watching the video after. But ya, here's a clip.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Birthday and Strawberries...

My daughter and her big head...I know that every child has a big head...but I think mine has a bigger head! She is ALWAYS falling over because of her head. She goes to look up and falls backwards because her head weighs so much. She can't even get her shirts off her big ol' head! haha

Anyway, this past Saturday was my 23rd birthday! Wow..I'm getting old...hahaha just messing. I actually feel very young. I had a great birthday! Tanner and I were up in Utah that weekend for photo shoots and for family visits. On Saturday Tanner's little sister and I went to Tanner's Aunt's Salon. I think it's a school for cosmetology. But anyway, we got hooked up with free facials. And boy did I love it!! I think I want to go get another one... : ) After getting our facials Tanner took me out bowling!! We have not been bowling dating? I don't think Tanner and I have ever bowled together. And boy we were amazing!! uh....maybe not. But we still had a good time together. After bowling we went and got ice cream, Mcdonald's french fries and then visited his cousin at the gas station he was working at. It was really nice to get away and not have to worry about Kendal! Thank you Stu, Sandra and Carly for watching her!!!

So every year...before I was married...I always got a pumpkin pie for my birthday "cake" or pie. Weird...I know. So this year I went and bought myself one. I didn't buy any I used Kendal's instead haha

Next topic...STRAWBERRIES! Last night we were over at my parent's house for my little sister's birthday. I took my sister out and took pictures of her for her birthday...lame...I know..but we had a good time! (You can see those photos we took HERE!!) While we were mom gave Kendal some strawberries! She LOVED THEM! At dinner time...Kendal asked for more strawberries. This is how she'd eat them...she'd take a little bit...chew it...swallow it...and then
Start shoving the whole thing in her mouth!!

What a goof!!!!
Before she was even close to being done chewing the strawberry...she'd ask nicely for another by signing please. She can now say please with her words...but her mouth was TOO FULL to talk! I love her!
In the end...she had a total of 8 big strawberries! Thanks grandma!! Oh and by the way...when she pooped today...her poop REALLY did smell like STRAWBERRIES!! It was WEIRD!!! : )

Do you know what I hate?

Trying to explain myself to people. I say what I say and don't feel the need to explain to someone. Is that weird? :)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Have you ever?

Today has been sort of a weird day. I've had many days like today through out my marriage. But never have I taken time to really sit and write it out. I'm writing this on my blog so maybe I can get some advise and words of wisdom.

Have any of you been through depression? Depression that you have been in for a lot longer than you think? I'm having a hard time today and I feel like I finally have my "eyes open" This is the feeling I've had before and I wish I could keep it. But for some reason I can't. I slip back into this depression mode where I am mean and I don't think straight. I want to have this same mindset that I have today, everyday. I want to remember things and to be a better person. This is how I see my all started here...(the depression thing)

I remember my wedding day. I remember how excited/nervous I was that morning. Tanner was coming to pick me up and I was so scared that he wasn't going to show up. Our relationship at this time was nothing like what it was when we were dating. When we were dating we had so much fun and enjoyed being around each other. And then I started getting weird and we argued all the time. We even argued a lot on our honeymoon. The next thing I remember is this...
What a great day! I try not to remember my pregnancy because it really was hard for ME. I put ME in all caps because I wasn't as sick as some or didn't really have any complications....but I had other things that made MY pregnancy really hard for ME. To finally have my little girl out was soo great! Time passed and I remember getting so mean and grumpy ALL THE TIME. I would get so frustrated with Kendal, which was silly because she is an amazing baby. But everything just drove me NUTS! I always pictured myself with all my kids having so much fun and being so happy. But I wasn't. I was so stressed and so deep into this depression that I didn't know how to have a good time. Tanner and I rarely had a good day. Always fighting and never enjoying each other. (This is in no way Tanner's fault. Tanner is a great guy. I just expected him to be something he's not, this is what I realized today...this is something I want to remember all the time so that he and I can enjoy and really love each other.) This is what I remember next...
Or now. This is my sweet daughter. She truly amazes me everyday with what she's learning and doing. Today, while having a crying session, my little girl sees me, climbs up on my lap, lays her head on my chest for a while and then looks up at me and gives me the BIGGEST kiss. Why or how did I get so lucky? Why did the Lord bless me with my sweet girl? Why can't I be as grateful as I am right now for her all the time? And another thing...why can't I remember her life!? I look at all my photos we've taken and I remember those days. Maybe that's why I love taking pictures so much! Helps me remember the memory. Is this normal? I feel so lost some times. I wake up and don't know how I go to this point in my life. I look at my husband and some times it's weird to sit and think about us. How do I know him? Why do I love him? Why have we grown so far apart, in comparison to when we were dating? (It's all me...remember?) What have I done with my life since high school. That's the last place I can recall a lot of memories. Volleyball, friends, dance all that. And now I have little glimpses of memories. Growing up is hard. Especially watching my little girl grow up. She is almost 15 months old and it brings me to tears to think she is that old already! Where did my newborn go? I wish I could go back and do it all over. Be nicer, kinder, more thoughtful and understanding. What made me this way? Or is this just life? How do I remember more of life? How do I become a better person? I obviously haven't figured out the answers or I wouldn't be posting this asking for advise. Sometimes I just feel so overwhelmed with a big long list of things to do, that I just end up doing nothing. How do I get out of depression and become truly happy with my life as it is right now? I truly am so blessed with all I have but yet, I am not grateful for any of it? That doesn't work. Does any one have any advise? Have you ever been through this and maybe have some knowledge on what to do?

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Lunch Time Fun!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

$15 Photo Shoot?

Why Yes!! That would be great! : )

That is your answer to my question!! Leave a comment or email me before Friday, September 25th you will get a photo shoot that costs only $15! Only thing is, pictures need to be taken by the end of the year! Pictures will be edited and put on a CD and you will have the right to print what ever you like! Great for the upcoming holidays!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Forgot To Mention...

How smart my Kendal girl is! : ) During church when we sing songs out of the hymn book, Kendal loves to sit on our laps and sing with us. She also loves to watch the lady leading the music, and then wave her arm like the chorister does. It's pretty cute to watch. Well, this past Thursday I stayed at my parent's house because we were living early the next morning for Utah. Kendal and I were up in my parent's room talking with my mom. Now, in my parent's room my dad has a corner that has all his guitars and stuff. Well, Kendal walked over to the music stand, which had some sheet music on it, and starting waving her arm as if she were leading music and she was also singing. It was so shocking to see her KNOW what music looks like and then to sing and lead the music. She is so stinking cute!! I love her!


This past weekend Little Miss Kendal and I went up to Utah with my parent's. Tim had a football game and my twin cousins were being blessed! We had a lot of fun! Kendal did soo awesome on the trip! It was really a hard trip because we probably drove more than we rested! But she did awesome and didn't fuss too much! When got home Sunday night and she slept for 12 hours!! She was one tired princess! We stopped off at the cemetery were my grandfather is. He passed away this past February and I wanted to get a picture of the beautiful headstone!

Tim's game was on Saturday. They won 44-17!! It was an awesome game and I loved being there! Good job Timmy Toone! : ) Picture of me, Kendal and my little brother Ben. Kendal LOVES Ben!! Can you tell?!
Here's a picture my mom or dad took of Tim catching the ball for a touchdown!
We had so much fun and so glad Kendal and I were able to go. Kendal sure enjoyed seeing my cousins who are her age : ) They are such wonderful little kids!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Favorite! of them!

Did an engagement shoot this week and I just finished editing the photos! I just had to post this one because it's one of my favorites! Check out my website for more photos!

And...if anyone is interested in getting photos done email me for my special that is going on now