Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Kendal's First REAL Hair Cut!

Well...almost 3 years of Kendal's hair growing...I thought it was about time for a cut. Her hair is always soo knotty in the mornings and just a pain to brush. So...off it went! I wasn't too sad over this. More excited for less work with her crazy hair! 

The morning of the hair cut:
Kendal gets a little nervous when it comes to new things. She'll still do them...just hesitant at first. So after her morning shower, I took Daddy's hair scissors and showed her what Miss Anika was going to do. I explain that it doesn't hurt at all and after wards her hair will be so pretty. When we got to the salon, she kept saying she was scared. We've been really working on making Kendal use words to describe feelings instead of crying, DRIVES ME NUTS! So now with everything..."this makes me sad" "this makes me happy" she is always telling me. It's great though! Anika took us back and Kendal was scared to sit on the booster seat on the chair. We had to slowly work with her and little by little she got in the chair and put her "super hero cape" on. 

You can tell in the photo that Kendal was a little nervous about what Miss Anika was going to do. But Kendal didn't cry like I thought she would! 

Miss Anika let Kendal hold the pink spray bottle. It helped Kendal sort of hold still....she is just a busy bee!

Getting her hair blow dried! 

She was smiling at herself in the mirror...I missed it though!
 Kendal loves to sweep and wanted to help clean up her hair.

I love how social Kendal is. She is always so happy and loves meeting new people. The whole time Miss Anika was cutting Kendal's hair, Kendal was just chatting away. Funny story....towards the end, Miss Anika spun the chair a little and Kendal says "Whee..that was fun" So Miss Anika spun it more and Kendal fell over. Kendal goes on to tell Miss Anika that spinning the chair like that is "dangerous"!! Oh the things these kids pick up! 

She's got the best smile! When it's not FORCED! 

Isn't the cut so cute! I love it! I can't wait to see what her hair will look like in the morning! Hopefully not like a rat's nest! :)

Monday, June 20, 2011

More Swimming!

On Saturday, I had a photo shoot with my sister and her hubby! They live out by my parent's so after taking photos, we went swimming! We did a little lesson with Kendal and she did sooo good! She swam from the stairs to the wall all by herself! It was so awesome to see that even after a week of not swimming she still remembered what to do! AND she didn't cry! Only when we made her jump off the diving board! But 100% better than during her lessons before! Go Kendal!

My parent's dog, Percy, was scared of Tanner while he was wearing his goggles. He would run around the pool as Tanner swam. He's a funny dog. 

She is just so beautiful!! 

Going under ALL by herself! 

Kendal turned how to spin while in her tube!

Going under water all by herself. Funny how she plugs her nose!

Swimming with Daddy!

Jumping off the side!

Trying to get her to jump in with out the tube!

Jumping off the diving board!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

10 Week Mylee

Wasn't it just yesterday when I was so very uncomfortably huge and pregnant with Mylee? Man, time is sure slipping away from me!

Mylee is seriously a perfect baby. She sleeps 9 hours at night, every night. She eats every 4 or 5 hours during the day. Kendal never really got on a schedule like that!

We are still learning how to eat...she still has a difficult time, but she really has improved! Which is probably why she can sleep so long at night! She works perfectly with my schedule. I think she must not like nursing as much as I do out in public...I've really only had to nurse in public while we were at Six Flags and even then she ate right before we had lunch. She wakes up to eat 45 min before we leave to go somewhere and doesn't need to eat til we get back. Maybe that's just great planning by me...which I'm SO great at...(Sarcasm)

Mylee had her two month check up 2 weeks ago! (see how far behind I am!) Her stats were:

Weight: 11lbs 4oz 51%
Height: 24.5in 98%
Head: 16.5in 97%

Her stats look just like Kendal's! Pretty funny!

Mylee is talking up a storm these days! Espcially after her 5am feeding! I love our quiet time together!

Miss Mylee is sooo smiley! We call her smiley Mylee. She loves to have her toes kissed and thinks it's the funniest thing. I will get that on video as well! Mylee loves to watch everything around her. She's so calm and just watches our every move. She sure loves her Daddy! When Tanner comes home from work and when she hears his voice, she kind of do a jump and then start kicking and talking and smiling! So awesome! 

She is starting to entertain herself and loves her toys! I put her in the bouncer a lot, don't trust Kendal when Mylee is on the floor and I'm busy doing something. Just yesterday Mylee started talking to her toys on the bouncer. She has talked to her blanket before but I didn't have a camera near to photograph it. 

She is just the happiest baby and hardly cries. And if she does cry, it's because she's ready for a nap. All we have to do is lay her down, give her her binky and put a blanket over her face and then she's out! It that not perfect? I love this little girl. She completes our family! 

With Mylee being 10 weeks, I did take some photos! 

Friday, June 17, 2011

Lots of Posts Today!

I have posted the rest of swimming lessons and our trip to California!

This past week I had a friend who past away. It was such a heartbreaking tragedy. With all tragedies, or at least this is how it is for me, MY own eyes are opened. I love a little stronger and laugh more. We have no idea how long we have here on earth with our family. I now want to spend all the time I can as a family making memories! With this tragedy, my eyes were opened to what I really enjoy in life. I really do love photography and saving memories that way....but what I really love is service! Sometimes working with people can be amazing...but other times...not so much. I realized this past week...that if I'm serving someone in need...dealing with this not so fun people doesn't hit me as hard! Let me explain what I'm doing...although I'm sure you've seen cuz it's all over my facebook. Every session I have I am donating $100 of the $150 session fee to my friend's fund. I have a goal of $1000! I know I can do this! I really want to do this! And with me really wanting to do this my mindset is different now about the money. Before it was, I like the money but it stresses me out. NOW, I know most the money is going somewhere way more important! I love this feeling soo much! I love knowing that I am using my talents for someone else's needs. It really just makes everything 100 times better! I have always been told that serving someone in need will make me feel happier....but I never knew I would be THIS happy. This family that lost their son is such an amazing family! We've known them forever! My brothers played baseball for years with all of the Parks' boys! Most of you probably know them! Joy and Jerry's son is the one who passed away, Tyler Parks. If you want more information on how to help me reach my goal please email me. emilybuckphotography@gmail.com or visit my website HERE Like I said before, sessions are $150 and $100 of that will go directly to The Parks Family! I will post on the side of my blog the money I've raised so far! If you would like to donate but can't afford the $150 please still email me and we can work something out!

On to the now...
Tanner is trying to find a job. We recently got news that he didn't get the job he applied for. We were very upset about this. I feel so bad for Tanner. The place he works is so CROOKED and SCREWED up. Tanner's boss told him that he can't stand Tanner just because of Tanner's personality. I really hate this place and hate seeing my husband being treated like this. Please keep him in your prayers and pray we find a new job soon!

Kendal is doing well! We are having lots of fun playing and learning. She is quit a handful all the time, and we are still learning to deal with her. She is extremely busy and gets bored super fast. She is going to be THREE YEARS OLD in a month!!! I'm not old enough to have a three year old!! What I am going to do!? I get very sad thinking about my Kendal girl. I was in a horrible depression most of her life and sadly can't remember much about her younger years. I feel horrible this happened and I need to find a way to get that time back with her. I love her so much. I'm trying figure out what to do for her birthday party! I want her to have lots of fun and lots of friends over! Better get to planning!! :)

Miss Mylee is amazing. Growing so fast! She'll be 10 weeks old tomorrow!!! She is getting on a great schedule already! She eats every 4 hours during the day and sleeps for 9 hours at night!! Mylee is getting close to rolling over! Mainly because she lays on her side all the time! She is also starting to grab things! Her face is so cute when she is focusing on grabbing something in front of her. After eating her first meal of the day, she stays awake for 3 hours and is just the happiest thing! Talking like crazy to everything, big smiles. I love it! I got a video of her this morning. BUT dang blogger won't let me upload it on here...so over to youtube I go! Here is the video of Mylee talking!! Isn't she just the sweetest thing???


California is THE place to be...on vacation! Definitely don't want to live there. I like living where we do...no traffic..until you get in town. But by us...it's so quiet and nice. California...way too busy and way too many crazy drivers. I must admit though, as soon as we crossed the AZ/CA border...Tanner man....he turned into a CA driver! AH! He had fun and kept us safe though. He likes driving our small car so he can pass traffic and drive likes he's in the NASCAR. 

We went to California with some good friends of ours! Cory and Amy! Tanner has known Cory since they were 5ish? Crazy how they've been able to keep in touch after all these years! After 4 years of marriage, we all have become great friends!

We were only able to spend 2 full days in CA. But, it was a really nice get a way! On Sunday we went to the beach! We were shooting for Santa Monica...but with road closures due to concerts going on or something...we ended up at Venice Beach. Very beautiful! Mylee was sort of fussy while we were at the beach so we only stayed for a little while. I think that was the first time Mylee has been fussy enough for us to have to leave somewhere. I learned with Kendal that I don't like to be in public while nursing or when my child is fussy. Not fun for anyone. Mylee did fall asleep while at the beach though so we did spend time there. Just after an hour or so...we were all ready to go and Mylee did wake up fussy again. So we left. We drove to our hotel and unloaded...I wanted to tell a story about  how we packed our car FULL for only a 2 day 1 night trip...but I really can't. I can't even say why. Not when my blog isn't private. So if you're REALLY dying to know you can email me. But if/when I ever print my blog into a book...I will write the story. But for now....skipping to the next thing...

Playing in the waves! First time for Kendal! She didn't really like it!

So she came back to get her beloved tube! 

Daddy teaching her how to jump over the wave!

Kendal and Tanner were out playing in the beach. Tanner later showed Kendal the little sand crab things by the shore...

They put a few of the crabs in a toy and Kendal ran back to show me!

The crabs!
I love just watching Kendal and Tanner. Especially when they are together! I'm so blessed to have them in my life!

After getting unloaded, we drove around. The next day we were going to be going to SIX FLAGS, which was only a few miles down the road from our hotel. So decided to drive down there and watch from the outside. Watching made it more real and made us super excited! 

Day 2! We woke up early and got ready for the day! Our friends Cory and Amy didn't get in until late late at night. I didn't even hear them come in! We ate breakfast and headed to SIX FLAGS! There were lots of people this year! Last summer when we went we bought a Flash Pass and I felt we got to ride more rides. But this year we did spend more time in the rides for Kendal. I loved watching her have to so much fun!

Kendal's favorite ride! She rode it several times!

The first time though, she was a little nervous, so daddy rode with her! :)

This is a pretty big rollercoaster! Little Kendal did awesome on it!

I love this photo! All these "big kids" and then little Kendal! So brave!
 I am so grateful for my telephoto lens!! 

Tanner and Cory after riding Goliath! Amy and I rode next! SO MUCH FUN! 

Kendal loves Merry-go-rounds! She wasn't smiling at me cuz she was in conversation with Cory.

Miss Mylee did AMAZING on this trip! Slept all the way there and on the ride back! While we were at Six Flags, she conveniently ate when we did. Didn't cry ONCE at the park! She is seriously the best baby! I love her sooo stinken much!

Kendal riding her favorite ride! Wouldn't let me post this by the pics!

I love how Kendal really isn't scared of anything/anyone. Sometimes that can be good and bad. But she ran right up to these guys for a hug! I was scared of stuff like this growing up!

This was the cheapest trip we have ever taken! A certain something paid for gas...this is what I was talking about at the beginning...I can't say on here...lol....our friend's Cory and Amy had season passes to Six Flags and got us in for free! And we split the hotel cost! We had a blast and are already planning another trip next month!!