Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I'll touch on the reason behind the title of this post a little later. For now, I have some catching up to do. I have been pretty naughty about talking photos recently. I have a few photo shoots to edit and just take up all my extra time. That, and we moved. Sort of. The property we live on has 5 RV hookups. (I guess some of you might not know that my family lives in a 5th wheel trailer. You know what that is? It's seriously awesome. I love it!) Anyway, our wonderful neighbors decided to move. So we took their corner spot against the wall. So we have a bigger yard :) It still took all day. We organized our storage as well though. That took all morning. 

Here are a few photos I've taken with in the past little while. 

I started putting Kendal to work. She now washes my dishes and counter tops. She loves it! I'm going to let her do it all she wants. :)  

Kendal is a one man band. She put on a show for Mylee and I the other day. It was too cute to not grab a photo. She is seriously such a funny girl. 

 Remember my last post about my cooking? Here are the cinnamon and raisin bagels I created. First time I've really experimented with cooking and doing my own thing. 

Kendal went swimming on Saturday while we were moving things over. Her plastic pool had a crack in it so it made a mud pit. We found this.  

And lastly a beautiful sunset! I thought it was going to get bigger as the sun lowered, but it didn't. Still way pretty! Good old AZ sunsets :)

So back to the title of this post. Confidence. How many of you out there reading this have that? I don't. In anything I do I'm always doubting myself. Whether it be photography, dinner I cooked, the way I look anything! It's starting to get on my nerves. Before marriage I had confidence, or at least some. I played volleyball for one year in college and all through high school. So I was in great physical shape. I think that's the most I worry about these days. Having one kids changes your body, two kids....a whole new body. Now, I haven't been working out because I have this goal of breastfeeding Mylee longer than I did Kendal. Sad to say, I've achieved that. Sad because Mylee is only 5 months. And with Mylee I'm producing enough to store away. I pump for those of you who don't know my story. I always dislike reading new blogs where they tell a story but I don't know the history so I can't follow. Maybe I'll make a column about my life. A short summary. I like having people relate to me. Anyway, I like to get off subject a lot. So confidence. I am very embarrassed about my physical appearance. It's been over 110 here for the past 2 weeks now. RIDICULOUS!! Anyway, so Tanner and I have decided to compete. Not really. It's not a competition, more just finishing a REALLY hard event. 

Still confused on what we are doing? It's called "Tough Mudder" It's an obstacle course. 11 miles. In mud, freezing cold water, electric shock and a ton more. Click here to see the map of the Tough Mudder Tanner and I have signed up for! We have started the training this week and will continue hard until January. I am so excited to do this. I need this to get a fire started in me. I'm not a wuss and I'm tired of looking and feeling like one. (blogger was spazing out and I don't know why the text is all different.)

We are excited to be doing something together. We haven't done much as a couple, besides making and raising our kids. ;) Training so far this week has been a lot of fun. We swam laps yesterday until we couldn't breathe. (Which wasn't too many laps for me cuz I'm a horrible swimming even if I were in better shape.) 

Wish us luck and I'll continue to post about our training. I'd post our photos of our "before" the training started...but I'm not that brave. Same with weight...not that brave. I'll probably wait til January to show the results. 

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Since having children 3 years ago, I've needed a "something" that made me happy. Something that could help me get through the days. Something that re-energized me. A release. Being a mom is HARD WORK. It's very fun, but man it's all I do 24/7 365 days a year! With all my life devoted to my children, I wanted to find something for me. I totally thought it'd be working out. I love to work out. But right now it's way to DANG hot outside. (110+ ALL this week.) I don't really get motivated to work out even at 6am. So...with being so busy with mommy-hood, I have forgotten about my "something" Until recently. I cook dinners. I make breakfast and lunch. I just never thought about doing more. I have been getting out of my 2 week meal plan routine and finding more things to throw in the routine. And I have loved it. Over a year ago I bought a bread machine...$13 at goodwill....yes I am that cheap. But I never used it til about a week ago when I made bagels. Oh so yummy. And oh so easy!  I'm excited to throw in some "toppings" like cinnamon and raisins. (My favorite type of bagel.) I've also made some pretzel bites, and tuna salad. Kendal seems to get hungry in between meals. So I'm trying to find snacky type foods. Healthy stuff....or somewhat healthy. Anything better than cookies. :) With making the bagels, I have really realized how much I enjoy cooking/baking. Now that I know what most ingredients are, I am not scared to try anything. I'm typing this as I'm eating the tuna salad I just made. Simply wonderful. Oh ya, I also made these

Feels good to finally have something I can do that completes me happiness. 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Oh how sweet it is to be able to lay 2 kids down for bed and not hear a sound. Music to my hears. We've always has troubles with Kendal. She never felt asleep on her own. We had to rock her. And she never slept through the night. Oh how sweet it is to now sleep through the night with no interruptions! Finally! Life is good.

Oh...look what Mylee can do :) she isn't staying up long. It's cute she'll stay up for as long as we cheer, but once we stop cheering she tips over. She is growing to fast! But I'm loving every minute! (please ignore the horrible camera phone quality. It was dark and my nice camera wasn't close by. I'll snap better pics tomorrow when the sun is up :)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Back On!

My internet is back on! Whoo-hoo! Wished I had it yesterday while making my weekly meal neck is a little sore and cramped today cuz of having to strain to look at the screen on my phone. Thank goodness for internet!

But not thank goodness for 114 degree weather!! My husband came home and said lots of guys were passing out at work today. He works OUTSIDE at a golf course. All the landscapers where passing out with heat stroke! Remember! DRINKS LOTS OF WATER!! 

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Up To's

Well, we've been extremely busy lately. I'm learning how to entertain Kendal and I really am enjoying it. Here are some photos to show.

"Puff Paint" So fun!

 Miss Mylee trying peas. She Loved them!

 Kendal dumps her toys out just the play with the bucket! She's pretending to be a robot.

 Tanner made some flash cards for practicing numbers.

 We got rid of the's been AMAZING! )TV is now in my bedroom)

 Cornstarch goob. Cornstarch and water mixture.

 We made some puppets :)

Utah Trip

Don't have much time to type...Kendal is busy getting into things. But we had an awesome trip to Utah about week ago. We had fun visiting family, LOTS of tea parties, went to a rodeo, and fun at Bear Lake. Lots of fun with cousins, which are technically my cousins but they are Kendal's age. So grateful we were able to go on this vacation. It was really nice for me to get a break from entertaining Kendal. The girls did so amazing on this trip. No tears on the ride up or back! I was amazed!! 

We met Tanner's cousin at the park. They lived in AZ but moved to Utah in December.

Logan Fair. Kendal was OUT!

Bear Lake. Kendal with MY cousins!

Mylee had a hard time getting her naps in. So many new noises and new places. So at Bear Lake, she FINALLY slept. I had her in my wrap for 4 hours straight! Tired little girl!

 Mylee and my Grandma :) Her Great Grandma!

 Tanner and his Grandma!
Our last day in Utah, I stayed with my Grandma to hang out and Tanner went and hung out with some of his family. Nice having extended family so close together!

 Uncle, I guess my Uncle, Jared making snow cones for the kiddos!

 My Aunt and Uncle have 4 kids. 5, 4, 2years(twins) Crazy story. We absolutely love them! Kendal had so much fun with them! Wish we lived closer!

Having another tea party with Grandma Dallas!