Friday, January 21, 2011

Video Tour

I took video of my motor home around Christmas time but the video was no uploading on the blogger. So I got smart today and uploaded to youtube. DUH! haha

 Here is the link to our video. :)

Monday, January 10, 2011


I was so excited for Christmas this year! Kendal was the PERFECT age! She was scared of Santa but that's ok...we got a great pic of her giving Santa knuckles!
Christmas morning my sweet little princess did NOT want to wake up...

But then she saw her presents...and UP she went!

Opening presents still half sleep!

But once we saw what was inside she was happy!

 She loved her stocking!

She also got a little power wheels quad that I guess I didn't get a pic of her first seeing it. But she loved riding it around the property!

And she used her quad to help feed horses. Don't ask about her face. She's ALWAYS made such silly faces!!

After opening gifts at home, we went to visit Papa and Grandma Toone. All my siblings were in town so we got to hang out with "go go Tim", Chris, Stephanie and Mckelle! Ben, Hilary and Paedn were also there. But we hardly see Tim, and Chirs' family. Kendal had a blast playing with Mckelle!

Giving the snowmen a high five!

Sharing her new quad with Mckelle!

Every year we shoot off our rockets! Here are some pics from this year. My mom took the pics and I haven't gotten them so these are some she posted on facebook.

Yep...this is my hubby! haha!!

Kendal wanted to be like Daddy and catch a rocket as well.

This is the Buck Rocket. :)

All in all, Christmas was great! It was so busy and we drove so much but it was so fun to see family! Next Christmas is going to be even better! Mylee will be here!! :)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sweet Kendal

I realized yesterday how great it is to look back at some of the old posts. I enjoyed watching the videos and seeing the photos. So I really want to try to blog about everything on here so when it comes time to scrap booking I can just print and journal this with the photos.

With that being sweet Kendal woke up this morning, pretty early, and came into my room. I was still sound asleep. I hear this sweet voice say "Good morning Mommy. The sun is up." (side note: we've taught Kendal that when the sun goes down, it is bedtime, or close to it. And when the sun is up we can then wake up.) So after hearing her say this I rolled over and gave her a kiss and she says to me "You are the best ever, Mom" My heart melted! I have no idea where she learned this from. Tanner and I don't say it to her. We usually say "you are so awesome/amazing." I loved hearing that.

Later in the day, we were out cleaning our "redneck" yard. We finally bought a shed so that our storage wasn't under the motor home. Tanner had to level the ground so that the shed would fit together correctly. He was using a flat head shovel and Kendal wanted to be like Daddy. She went and got a broom and started doing the same exact thing as Daddy.

She tries so hard to be like us. I'm really learning that her love language is quality time. (If you don't know what I'm referring to as love language read THIS book. I've read it before, but Kendal was a little to young to know her primary language. I really need to read it again to better that relationship.) Lately, Kendal has been saying "Mommy come and play with me" "Mommy, watch me" "Daddy come her and look what I can do" I spend a lot of time with her but she is begging for more now. Does she know that in just a few short months her time with Mommy and Daddy will be shortened? I really want to try and keep our time with her special after Mylee arrives. Last night Tanner was saying how we need to develop some sort of tag team. Switching off between the two princesses. It was really encouraging to hear him say that because he is so busy and sometimes distracted with the TV or computer that he really doesn't help out. BUT I'm fine with it, most the time. He works SO hard for us and he needs his downtime.

Anyway, that's all for now. Just wanted to write the stories down so I remember them later :)

Monday, January 3, 2011

What a great new year!

I feel so amazing these days! Something has come over me this New Year and honestly life couldn't be better! 2010....wasn't the best year. Some of you know Tanner and I were very close to divorcing. While I was back at home for 2 months, I really learned a lot about who I am. I didn't like it. As the year past and we went to counseling or as Tanner helped me through trials, I learned so much about life itself. Life isn't about facebook statuses or comments on pictures. I enjoyed getting compliments and attention with that, that I blurred out my family. (I knew it wasn't all about facebook. I sound crazy saying that. But you know what I mean. Spent way too much time wasting time on that addiction.) I know there are a lot of people like this, and I'm now realizing what is important in life. I knew it before, just spent a lot of time doing pointless things. Life is about laughter and learning. 2010 really taught me that. I really watched people closely in 2010, and by doing so I learned a lot about myself. I'm embarrassed about who I am...was. I took life WAY too serious and tried way to hard to be supermom. It was hard to be supermom because I wasn't giving it 100% (As I write this, my princess is asleep, dishes are done, home is spotless, and dinner is cooking.) Yes, I feel like supermom right now. I only got online a few times today to check the recipe for dinner and when Kendal went down for a nap. I've had so much fun with Kendal today and hearing her laughter. Very please to say..she has not had a tantrum today! Except for when I was talking to my dad on the phone and she wanted to sit and read a book with me. But, she was ready for a nap...doesn't count :)

I'm very excited for this new year. It's fun to start a new year with lots of goals. I know who I want to become and how to get there. It's a great feeling. We started this year out by going to a great friend's daughter's baptism. I really felt the spirit there, which it had been a while since I felt that. So distracted with life. Sunday we went to 2 sacraments and Tanner shared his testimony. I'm so in love with him and couldn't imagine what life would've been without him. He is truly amazing. Well, the princess is awaking. We are going to stamp and color pictures :) Happy New Year everyone!! Make it the best!!