Saturday, November 6, 2010

Life is Great

We've had a very busy week this week and I guess blogging once a week gives me something to actually write about. To start off we found out on Tuesday we are having another little girl!!! Soooo excited! Here is a photo of her. She is all scrunched up! Love it!
Funny story...When we had the ultrasound done, Kendal was very interested in the ultrasound machine. Everything the tech was doing. The day after we had the ultrasound done, Kendal and I were playing before nap time. I was slouching in the chair and she was on my lap and we were singing songs. She gets off my lap, pulls up my shirt to see my belly and then walks around the room for a minute. She pretends to pick up something and walks back over to me. She then starts rubbing my tummy with her pretend "thing" and then I realize...oh...she's giving me an ultrasound! It was HILARIOUS!! She then knelt down next to me, using the book shelf as a computer and starts to type something. Then came back to do the ultrasound and then back to the computer to type. This went on for a while. I was just so AMAZED she remembered all of that! SOO FUN! More on Kendal. She is picking up words and phrases so quickly. She tells us to "Take it easy" because Tanner tells her that when she starts to throw a fit. She tells me she's feeling "very sad" when something bad happens. Like her sitting in timeout or about to throw a fit. It's kind of nice because I can get her to calm down faster know she feels "Very sad" But she says that because when she does throw a fit or does something bad I tell her her actions make me feel very sad. When ever we say thank you, she says "you're soo welcome mom" She puts "so" infront of a lot of things now. "I'm so happy" or "I'm so tired mom" I seriously love her!

To catch up...Here are some photos...out of order but whatever...She is sooo beautiful!! I love her!

Carving pumpkins. She didn't like touching the "guts"

So she shook them out haha

Oh her faces!

Helping Daddy carve

My parent's Trunk or Treat

My baby girl is now 27 months. I haven't taken many pictures of her, so here's a bunch! Enjoy!

She's into making silly faces...

"Sad Face"

"Mad Face"

"Surprised Face"

Well enough about Kendal. Tanner and I are doing great! We went on a date last night!!!! Been way too long!! We are figuring some things out before baby girl gets here in March/April. I like planning for the future! It's exciting to me! Can't say much about Tanner...working like crazy and we love him so much. I am realizing more and more how GREAT I have it. I am able to stay at home with my sweet girl and will continue to be able to stay home when new Baby Girl comes! As for me...I feel GREAT!! Better than great! I've been working out hard because I am seriously sooo scared to gain weight. I know I have to..but I started out weighing 10 pounds more this pregnancy than with Kendal. And guess what?! I've only gained 3 pounds so far!! YAY!! Baby Girl is measuring one week ahead of schedule. Kind of nervous cuz I don't want to deliver a big baby. Kendal was 8lbs 3 oz. Tanner was 9lbs 9oz. Soo...I should just prepare for a big girl! Ah! Hopefully she'll come early too! Middle of March works well for me. As far as names go...I had some picked out I liked but Tanner didn't care for them. We do have one name I LOVE and he says is "cute" but he won't answer me if this name is "good enough" for baby girl. Oh boys! Anyway, some important news...I'm "going out of busniess" with my photography for good this time. Can't handle the stress, especially with #2 coming soon. I love taking photos, but I'd rather take photos of my family than everyone else's. I have a great friend who I am referring all my old clients to. Her name is Jessica Salonga. (Click her will direct you to her website.) Well, I think that's it for now!

Count Your Blessings!