Tuesday, December 14, 2010

One Year And Counting

Tomorrow is the official ONE YEAR mark of my family living in our motor home. Can not believe that not only did I agree to live in this but to last a year! I'm pretty impressed with myself. I don't think I've really shown what our place looks like, but I plan to do a video walk through and post it. I've had lots of people ask how life is living in a motor home. How everything works and what not, I'll post the video soon and will hopefully answer questions. Now, living here has NOT been the easiest thing, the funnest thing, or even what I EVER imagined where I'd be. BUT I WOULD NOT TRADE IT FOR ANYTHING ELSE!!! Think about it. How much is JUST a mortgage on a house? $1,000-$2,000? JUST the MORTGAGE. Don't even think about water, electricity, HOA and whatever else you have to pay. (I don't even want to think about it! Makes me SICK!) Our motor home...WE OWN!!! We bought it with CASH! No monthly mortgage. No HOA bullcrap. Just rent because we don't have our own land. And right now we pay $450 a month for EVERYTHING!!!! Water, trash, electricity, internet is also included. But get this. The people's land in which in we live on made us a great deal and because of my WONDERFUL husband....we clean out horses stalls, cow pen, and feed the horses and that basically pays for rent. So I've mentioned the option of buying a house. And as you probably understood...we will NEVER buy a house. Call me crazy, I think YOU all who pay that much a MONTH for a house are nuts! Difference in opinions :) So the other way of living is an apartment. Need I say more?! haha! With the video I post you will hopefully see how small our living space is. We are thinking about upgrading to something bigger. A trailer with slide outs. We've been looking for a month or so and the price just isn't right for any we find. We really don't want to take out a loan, so we will probably be in this motor home for a while longer. And I'm completely fine with that. We'll just need to figure out something for the summer heat. Kendal and I died last summer :)

Now...how in the world did I make it a whole year in the motor home? I'll admit it...I DID NOT like this thing when we first got it. Actually, I didn't like it until we moved off my in-laws land. No offence to them...but we all know how wonderful it was to be out of high school and still living under mommy and daddy's roof. Same thing. We moved and got our own space and now things are marvelous! :) There are still times, especially more recently because I'm a growing mommy, where I just want something bigger! But I realize how much I hate to clean and how little it takes me to clean my home. Can't complain about that. There are lots of reminders of how much better I would have it in the motor home than a big house. Big house meaning...a 3 bedroom.
Even a 2 bedroom. Even a ONE bedroom!

Do the BEST with what you have! That runs through my head a lot during the day. Tanner and I can't and don't want to pay for anything more than what we have now. I'm fine with it if it means less financial stress for us.

Happy One Year! Here's to many more! Yes! That's right! MANY more in a motor home. May not be this specific one...but it will be one. :)

This post is in no way of bashing anyone. Just celebrating one whole year in our motor home.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

New Blog!

I've created a new blog! K and I like to do crafts during the day. So, I've started posting on a blog to help give other moms ideas to help entertain their children. Check it out!

My Little Model

FINALLY it's happened! Kendal LOVES taking pictures! FINALLY!!

I've tried taking photos of K every month. BUT she's been a LITTLE difficult. And NOW she's beautiful and adds her attitude in her pose! I LOVE IT! She is such a funny little girl! So stinkin smart! Except for the fact that when we ask her where Baby Mylee is, she lifts her shirt up and points to HER tummy. I don't think so! haha! I love this kid!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I really want to blog today. But i'm sooo extremely tired and for some reason dealing with morning sickness. not fun. so here's a short post on what we've been up to.

tanner is working his butt off! he is trying to figure out what he wants to do with a career.
air force
police department
opening up his own mechanic shop
all we know for sure right now, is that we are soo blessed with the jobs he has. we are taking our time to figure out life so that MAYBE we can get caught up a little. But we definitely are counting our blessings.
we went to the zoo about a month ago. we had lots of fun watching miss kendal. running EVERYWHERE to see all the animals! wish it wasn't so dang expensive or we'd go more! we like the wild life world zoo 1,000x's better than phoenix zoo. the animals at wild life are so much closer and lively!

we also have a mini horse on the property we're living on. She's funny. About as tall as Kendal. As she is as fat as she is long. Her name is Bubbles. Kendal likes to go on rides.

that's all for now. i'm tired. forgot how difficult pregnancy is. can't tie my shoes anymore. growing pains SUCK! tired 24/7. Tanner working 24/7 and then add a 2yr old on top. Life is exhausting. But I'll live :)