Friday, December 16, 2011

Family Photos!

Finally, after 8 months we took family photos! Don't know why it's taken this long. But here they are :) Thank you tripod and new camera remote! You saved us tons of money :)

Mylee is teething so ignore her messy nose. She also wasn't flashing her sweet smile too much tonight either. May be taking more of her in a few days.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Weight Blog Update

I'm currently working on an 8 month posting for Mylee! But until I can get that finished, here is an update from my weight loss blog :)

Another accomplishment! I'm very excited!!!!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Santa Claus and Update!

(lots of videos....sorry about them being blurry. My camera is manual focus in video mode. :/

My girls have been sick so much already! They've both had croup and now colds. Poo. One week it's Kendal, the next is Mylee. It really is getting hard on Mom. I think we'll be keeping out of nursery til the new year. Luckily Kendal will be in sunbeams (CRAZY!) and there hopefully won't be as many germs! 

I haven't really posted much because of the sicknesses. All my time is spent snuggling, wiping noses, giving medicine, etc. But both my girls are napping at the same time so I finally have me time! 

Where to begin!? Little Mylee is 8 months old!! I can't believe how fast she is growing!!! Sometimes I get a little sad about it! But she is just so sweet. She is always smiling. Smiley Mylee! I love it! She is now crawling more on her hands and knees. She's been army crawling since 6 months! It was fun to watch the transition! And it's funny to watch her try to get going really fast on her hands and knees and then face plant it! She doesn't cry, just gets right back up! She is so mobile now. Crawling everywhere. She can go from sitting to laying and then back to sitting. She is also pulling herself up constantly! She has a little piano that she's pulled herself up with several times before, but now she's always standing at it playing. Or she is taking it for a walk across the room. She is trying to use the couch to pull herself up. She gets frustrated. I think she's just scared. She's kind of a sensitive little thing. We have recently taken her binky away. It's only been 2 nights and 1 whole day, but she's doing well. We took Kendal's bink away when she was 9 months. Had no problems. Mylee has been a little attached to her binky so we thought we'd give it a try. So far so good. She cries as she falls asleep, but it's only for 10 minutes. So it's really not that bad! I'm very impressed with her! The reason behind us taking the bink away now is so we won't have a two year old with one! It just seems if you don't take it away before their 1 year stays a lot longer. Make sense? One thing I love about taking the bink away is that Mylee FINALLY will snuggle with me!! She was never a snuggle-er and it made me so sad! She loves snuggling with Daddy, but not me. But now she does! Oh how I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! 

Mylee is starting to like her baths. She thinks splashing is super funny. Didn't get a great video of her laughing but still shows a little. 

She also started playing peek a boo the other day with me. And of course as soon as I grab the camera she stops. 

A video from a month ago. Shows her scooting around. 

Oh the random things they think is hilarious! 

CLAPPING! Trying to. I thought she was waving, but it's a one handed clap! 

Hissy Fit. I love her tantrums! 

On to Kendal girl. She is such a funny thing! We've been trying to write stories down in a book. I'll probably just keep those stories there since I can't find the words to really give justice to her goofyness. 

She's learning how to wink! 

 We set up our Christmas Tree :)

And made a countdown to Christmas chain. 

We were able to see Santa TWICE this weekend! Once at our church party...

And again at our neighbors house! Santa came in on a firetruck! Every year Mike, our neighbor, goes crazy with Christmas lights! The kind of lights that light up with music! You tune your radio and listen in. It's awesome. He also makes his own "snow" he was saying it's a mix of soap haha It smelt really good. And all the kids LOVED running and playing in it! 

I love watching Kendal's reaction! At first, where's Santa? Then she just stares at him! I wonder if she saw a difference from the two Santa's. She did however notice this Santa had a different voice. "Mommy, why does Santa talk different?" OOPS! haha

 I really love this photo above! She is such a pretty little girl!

(The only time she's serious! She gets so nervous!)

Mike also had a small train track the little kids could ride. 

Mylee taking a ride with sister.

Mylee squealing at Kendal as Kendal rides the train!

Utah Trip!

Wow! What a crazy few weeks! It seems my girls were sick the whole month of November! One week it's Kendal, the next is Mylee. Kendal is sick again this week. Just a cold. But we have been up since 5am with her coughing. Poor thing. Anyway, this post is about Utah. I'll get to the family in another posting. 

For Thanksgiving we were blessed to be able to make a visit to Utah. My brother who lives in Washington was meeting us there, since it's about half way for everyone. We had so much fun! The 2 days were we visiting my side of the family, I don't even think I saw Kendal. She was busy playing with cousins. (Mostly MY cousins who are her age!) Fun, right!? 

To start off, with me running as much as I am now I didn't want to make a trip and lose it all. So I decided to try to get family members to run a 5k with me. The morning of Thanksgiving we set off on our run. It was nice! Tanner had mapped out a 5k run just around the block so it was perfect. 

 Cousin Clint, S-I-L Stephanie, Brother Chris, Tanner and myself.

Clint was my running buddy. We had fun!

After the run, Tanner has since shaved!

 Thomas and Kendal. Kendal asks daily if she can go visit Thomas, Natalie and the Twins. If only!

My cousin Carson made a turkey pinata!
 My Uncle Kim works at the nearby school and has access to the gym. We played basketball and climbed the rock wall for a long time! It was awesome!

 Always a sideways binky!

 (I can never do a serious smile...awkward! haha)

I just love Mylee! She is so sweet!

Below are some super sweet photos of Mylee and her cousin Beckham. They are only a week and a half apart...looks more like 2 months! He's a big boy!

We also went bowling with everyone. 

We had so much fun visiting family! We are so blessed to have been able to visit with both my side of the family and Tanner's! I was horrible at taking photos while there! The only ones I took with my camera are the bowling ones! Pathetic! I'm kicking myself now!