Friday, January 20, 2012

Out of Africa #4!

We made another trip to Out of Africa a week ago. I LOVE THAT PLACE! Every time we've been, the animals were so active! You can see our other visits here, here, and here :) LOVE THIS PLACE :)

(Unfortunetly this was a unplanned trip and I didn't get my nice camera charged, so here's from my old point and shoot!)

 Kendal being brave and put the carrot between her lips for a big giraffe kiss!

Mylee standing up on the bus watching the camel.
 I love how brave Kendal is. She goes right up to the lady with this huge snake and politely asks if she can pet it.
 Love how close we can get to the animals!

Mylee got sad because she thought we left her. We were behind the stroller and she realized after 10 minutes that she could no longer see us. What drama! haha

 Mylee wasn't really able to get out and be busy like usual. She was either in the stroller or carried. She finally had enough and started reaching for the ground. I let her down and she started taking a few steps. It was cute.

 Such a beautiful animal!

 Mylee even loved the python!


Another beauty!

Here are some awesome videos we got from the day. Amazing! 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


This new year Tanner and I have been doing more. Tanner gets off work somewhat early from work and we really wouldn't do anything. He'd come home and we'd do this and that, eat dinner and then watch some tv and go to bed. Not a very exciting life. But we have been going out more. Saturday we practically had the WHOLE day together...ALONE! The Buck' in laws :)...were awesome and watched the girls so that Tanner and I could go to the Temple. I'm embarrassed to say when the last time we went was...but it was so nice to go back. After the Temple, we did lunch and then picked up the girls. Later that evening we had a young woman from our ward babysit. She needed volunteer hours for school and we were happy to volunteer our kids! We went to dinner at Ah-So. We had the cook cook our food in front of us. That was entertaining. 

Anyway, the reason of this post is we've been hiking lately. There is a hill by us that is paved to the top that I hike twice a week. That same location there are three hills, not paved, and pretty steep that we've hiked a few times now. Here are a few pics from yesterday's hike, I didn't feel like lugging my nice camera along, some of the parts of the hill are straight up/down with lots of loose rocks...didn't want to ruin my camera. So these pics aren't the best quality but who cares. :)

9 Months! And a quick update

Little Mylee is now 9 months old! She is the sweetest little girl. Teething right now, trying to get those two top teeth in. They are about to break so I hurried to take some photos of her today. I'm not really excited about her top teeth coming in. She has such a sweet smile with the two bottom teeth...I don't want it to change! 

At 9 months Mylee:

*Has 2 teeth.

*A big attitude, which we giggle at. She's quite the drama queen.

*LOVES to kiss her baby doll, stuffed animal dog and of course Mommy, Daddy and Kendal. Although she has learned to do a fast kiss with Daddy. It's quite funny. She opens her mouth, goes in for the kiss, barely touches and pulls away with her eyes closed tight. Guess she's learned he has a pokey face!

*I consider her to be a Mommy's girl. I had another little girl sitting on my lap at a baptism and Mylee started being drama. She was crying and reaching for me. It was really funny.

*She LOVES animals. Mainly dogs. She will giggle and screech to get the dogs attention.

*She can say "Mama" "Dada" and Dog "Gah" she jabbers a ton!

*She is starting to walk around the furniture. (I am REALLY tempted to knock her down....I REALLY don't want her walking!!)

*She still sleeps 10-13 hours at night. EVERY night.

*She is a very, VERY active girl. Church is difficult because she wants to be down crawling and exploring.

*She is doing great without the binky! She hasn't found her thumb in exchange so we are good! She goes to bed and naps with ease. I absolutely love it!

*She LOVES to play with Kendal. Anytime Kendal sits on the floor to play with something, Mylee starts to crawl over to her and as she crawls over, Mylee is giggling all the way. "I get to play with Sissy" Kendal gets frustrated after a while, so I've taught Kendal do sit on the couch and play or to not get a certain something out while Mylee is awake. To wait til Mylee goes down for her nap. Kendal is learning that Mylee is a friend. I hope I teach that well. I want my girls to be friends. So far, they are doing well. Kendal is learning to share toys and to give Mylee toys to play with. It's awesome to watch.

She is SUCH an easy baby. She rarely cries. If she does, it's easy to know why. Time to eat, sleep or she's throwing a tantrum cuz she can't have something she wants. Drama, drama, drama. But I love it. I laugh at her fits. They are so pathetic but so cute! I'm so grateful for this sweet girl in our family. She really is the cherry on top. :)

For all those who read my blog...I've been getting that "when are you going to have another baby?" answer...WE ARE NOT HAVING ANYMORE! haha We love just having our two girls and I can't imagine even wanting to be pregnant. I always thought I'd have more, but after going through pregnancy and now raising kids, we are done. :)

I've been really bad at updating lately. I am in training for a half marathon that will take place in less than THREE WEEKS!! I've had a really hard last month dealing with tendinitis in both my knees.I'll be posting about everything after my race. CRAZY!!

Life is great though! Having lots of fun as a family and enjoying each other. Kendal is amazing. She is now in Sunbeams at church and loves it! After we pick her up a handful of teachers tell me how awesome Kendal is and how much of a joy she is to have there. I love hearing that! Kendal is such a good kid. Such a big helper!

I'm excited for the new year. I have some goals that I've set for the year. When thinking about what goals I wanted, I always write down the obvious ones. Eat healthy, don't gain weight, keep a clean house....the same goals I set every year. But this year is a little different.

*Run a half marathon

*Learn to ride a motorcycle

*Hike Camelback mountain (I tried to when kendal was a year old and I only made it about 1/4 of the way up. HARD!!)

*I have a new interest in trail running. With running long distance on the road, my knees and body are falling apart. So I've learned about trail running. Running mountains/hills. Looks like a ton of fun!

These are just a few I've come up with so far. These are real obtainable goals for me. Something I'm interested in. I'm very excited for this new year and where I can take myself.

First up...half marathon!! January 28th, 2012!