Monday, November 30, 2009


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Tuesday, November 24, 2009


This is Kendal's new way of smiling! It's actually really funny to watch in person! She smiles as big as she can and as hard as she can. Goofy girl!

We stayed the night in our new home on Sunday. It was awesome. Monday was Tanner's birthday and he had work so I stay in the motorhome and cleaned. We are going to slowly start moving in this week and next. Very busy! Hopefully it will go fast. Here are some photos I took with my phone because I only had my zoom lens on my camera. I didn't get a good shot of the outside, but it's ugly haha The inside is perfect. No cuts or tears in the fabric. :) Enjoy these for now. I'm sure more will be coming!

Kendal really loved the motorhome. She played all day in there without getting bored! Luckily she had grandma and grandpa to also help occupy her! Here are some photos of her in the RV.

She really enjoys reading books!

And talking on the phone...even if the seat belt isn't a phone..she still likes talking into it! :)

We LOVE static! hahah NOT!

Helping grandpa hit the ball for the doggies!

Mommy and Kendal playing tug a war!

She loves the drive the motorhome, or at least pretend to.

She also found the mirrors and loves to look at her belly in them.

The inside of our motorhome.

Two chairs behind passenger seat

Couch behind the driver's seat. The couch pulls out into a queen size bed.

Kitchen table. Also pulls out to be a twin size bed.
I didn't take any photos of our bedroom because we ripped the bed out. So after we lay down wood flooring and do some other things this weekend I will put more photos up!

Saturday, November 21, 2009


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Thursday, November 19, 2009

My Sweet Blessings!

Lately I have been doing AMAZING!! Yes!! AMAZING!! Here is why:

We are moving in less than a month and for a while I was stressing really bad over this move. Some of you may not know, but we are moving into a motorhome. YES! A motorhome! We were trying to get into a house but could not. And now do not want to. They are just so dang expensive and not on my wish list anymore. So, to save money and relax for a little while we are moving into a motorhome. Tanner has been working so hard on selling a car and motorcycle to purchase a motorhome. And his hard work finally paid off! We bought a 1987 motorhome for $2400 CASH!! I feel so blessed! We will not have any payments on the motorhome to pay it off because my wonderful husband sold his car and offered the owner of the motorhome what we sold the car for and he accepted! The motorhome is in great shape! Great tires, although we won't be traveling much, great interior, 31,000 miles. This thing has been hardly used! So excited!

Another wonderful in-laws are letting us park the motorhome on their land. They have 2 acres? I'm not exactly sure. But we are able to park and hook up for only $150 a month!!! We are now paying $800 in rent a month...get my drift?! We are going to be able to save soo much! We will be so much closer to Tanner's work and family! I cannot wait!

Another beautiful, gorgeous, wonderful, sweet, hilarious daughter!! I love her so much! A couple stories about her. She says thank you and please. The other day we walked across the street to Michael's to buy some flowers to make headbands, photos to come after the writing :) We had the stroller so as I was going to open the door a lady hurried over to help. As we walked in, with her holder the door, Kendal looks up and says "thank you." haha I busted up laughing! What a sweet girl! Also, we'll be walking in Fry's, as she's pushing the cart because "it's too heavy for mommy" and every person that walks by Kendal waves and says "hello" She loves people and loves to be out! We have been going on walks every morning and I let her out of her stroller to burn some energy. She wonders around picking up rocks and leaves but stays very close to me. She is a great listener, most the time. She loves to race and play tag. And she can now say "I" lol The "you" part comes a little later. She is very much a girly girl and loves to wear jewelry and hats. I've made some headbands that we are trying to teach her to not pull off because they are pretty. Once we say how pretty she looks she leaves them alone, for a little while. :) She likes to have her toenails and fingernails painted. But then she thinks burping and passing gas (I would say fart but my mom doesn't like the word fart. Oops...I just said it twice! lol) She'll do one or the other, by forcing it out, and then giggle. (Thanks Tanner:) hahaha Anyway, just wanted to do a little update. I'm staying incredibly busy with photography and LOVE it! Check out some of my work I do have new prices as well.

I LOVE her new bows I made! So much fun and so easy to make. And probably a lot cheaper than to buy from somewhere pre-made! I can't do bows...only flowers...but I more of a flower girl anyway :) If you want to learn how I will totally teach you!! Seriously, let me know! :)

Pushing her baby around. In the first picture she is checking on her baby. :)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Somthing New I Learned...

I've always loved waterfalls and there was a certain way to take photos of waterfalls to make the water look as if it were still flowing in the photo. Well, I did it! I bought a tripod and took some photos of a waterfall! I love these!