Thursday, March 10, 2011


I will admit it. I'm highly stressed now. Found out this morning that baby Mylee is breech. Yes, I know she has time to flip. But the concerned look on Dr's face after the ultrasound checking Mylee's weight kind of lowered my hopes of Mylee ACTUALLY flipping. She is measuring 7lbs 7oz already, putting her in the 97%.  Yes, I know that that is only an estimate and sometimes they are off...but Kendal was a big girl. I'm finding most my friend's babies are around 7 pounds...if that. I've been doing some research on if second babies are bigger than the first. More often than not, they are. I'm not really worried about size though. I'm concerned about the recovery process. I already hate having limits and I can only imagine how it'll be if I were to have a c-section. I have a very active toddler and a husband who works 2 jobs. I'm very nervous. I know things will work out the way they are supposed to be. And that's all I want. But I had a very hard time after Kendal was born. Emotionally. I don't want to be even more limited and hormonal after Mylee. But I don't want to pray for something that is not the Lord's will and then have it not turn out. Sunday we had a lesson on prayer. You pray for things according to the Lord's will, not your own. If you pray hard enough...sometimes the Lord will give it to you. What if Mylee is breech for a reason? I'm probably stressing too much over this. I do have a week for Mylee to flip. And she's she can do it. Right? I'm one to really focus on the negative, so I'm having a difficult time keeping positive. I just need to remind myself that it's in the Lord's hands. He knows what I can and cannot handle. I just need to learn to put ALL my trust in the Lord.

These contractions are now really annoying cuz I now know they are doing NOTHING!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

I Never Know What To Title Posts...

Kendal has become very interested in barbies! I totally forgot about them until one day we were at the Grandpa and Papa Buck's house and they brought out Aunt Carly's old barbies. Kendal played for a very long time with them! Along with barbies...Kendal loves to dance like Cinderella and her Prince. She always asks Daddy to dance and to dip. She is learning about the "romantic" kiss as well....yikes! She puts her hands around our neck and pulls us in for a very intimate kiss. We are trying to tell her that only married people kiss like that. She then goes on to say that her and Daddy are married so it's ok! Goodness! It's so funny!

Oh how we love when Daddy comes home from work. Although, most days Daddy has so many other things to do...Kendal always BUGS him enough to get him to play for a little while.

Kendal has so much love for her toys! I enjoy watching her play.

Oh her faces!

Mommy had a bad craving for some treats today! (Like EVERYDAY!) I guess I'll gain a ton of weight at the end of my pregnancy now! Well....I am walking now so it will even out right?! :)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Lots of Posts

And I'm still trying to catch up! I want to post entries on everything. I was scrap booking but it was kind of expensive and time consuming. Some day. But for now...blogging.

Kendal is usually a big help around the house. These days I have a shorter temper than usually. Just tired and cranky. So her help...really isn't help. But I'm trying to be better with her curiosity and letting her figure things out.

She loves to help me with the laundry.

And she's still very interested in the little fan I brought in the other day. Always putting something on top to see what can "fly"

Can you tell she's ready for a nap?? When she gets sleepy she lays on the ground with her blanky. I have always rocked her to sleep but my tummy is in the way now.

So this is how we roll now! haha Dang tummy!

She likes her back scratched :)

Snow Day!

Crazy weather here in Phoenix! (Well...Scottsdale...close enough!) Today it is almost 80 outside. Would you believe me if I said there was a TON of snow on Sunday!? That's only 4 days ago! Tanner's work got quite a few inches so we went and played! It was BEAUTIFUL!!

Out of Africa!

A few weeks ago Tanner, Tanner's sister Carly, Kendal and I made a trip to Camp Verde. There is a "zoo" (They don't like being called a "zoo" but what else do you call a place that has animals that are usually at a "zoo"?) Anyway there is this place called Out of Africa. We have been wanting to go for over a year now. And we finally did! It was amazing!! Feeding giraffes, touching a HUGE snake, and being hunted by females was SA-WEET!! After only spending a few hours there, we ended up purchasing year passes! We want to go back after Tanner's brother, McCoy comes home from his 2 year mission!!! (that's a later post :) But...I'll be 38 weeks and I'm not sure of a hospital around. I think everyone else will end up going and I'll relax at home :) Anyway, here are some photos from the day! Cannot wait to go back!

After seeing the animals we went and found some snow to play in! Only lasted like 20 minutes cuz Kendal got really cold!

Will She Ever Learn?

For some reason Kendal girl likes to put things that aren't supposed to be put, around her fingers or arms or legs. A while ago, she put one of those magnetic letter O's around her finger. Took like 5 minutes and a huge fit to get it off. And yes, we used lotion. Her finger swelled. Bad. Well today she did it again.

Another fit. Silly girl.

On a side note....I really love to sit and just watch my tummy roll and watch little body parts push up against my skin. The one and ONLY thing I'll miss about being pregnant. Maybe I should get it on video so it'll last longer. :)

Forgot This Picture

No comment. HAHA!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Better Blogging

So during naptime I've been jumping around on random people's blogs and I've realized that I enjoy blogging. I enjoy looking back on entries I've posted and remembered the memories better. I want to start documenting better for the future. Life is just flying by and I feel I can't keep up. But with this....being a "professional" photographer for a few years now, I feel I need to take these perfect pictures of events. I'm tired of expecting perfection from myself. So that's stopping now.

My Kendal girl is growing so fast! It's a love/hate relationship. I love to watch her grow and learn but makes me so sad that she's so big. I feel I've missed a lot of time with her due to working. I didn't work much outside the home...but editing photos took a ton of my time away from her. Some people can work. I cannot. With that being said, I'm officially done with taking photos professionally.

I was watching Kendal play, as I lay on the couch trying to keep lunch in, I decided to whip out my camera and take a few pics of her playing. I love watching her play. She has such a fun imagination.

I brought in her play kitchen the other day because she loves helping me cook dinner...but most the time she's more of a pain than a help. I also gave her a bottle for her baby and she has just exploded with play! I love it! Watching her with her baby makes me so excited for Baby Mylee's arrival. Kendal kisses her baby goodnight and says "sweet dreams" every night. It melts my heart.

Love her little smile in this pic!

Kendal is very curious. Which sometimes drives me bonkers!! She has to touch EVERYTHING and figure out how EVERYTHING works. When it doesn't drive me really makes me laugh. She was doing this for a good 10 minutes today. 

And she thought it was the funniest thing ever!

But when her curiosity drives me bonkers...this is the outcome. 

She's a funny kid. 

Mylee Girl is doing very well. Hopefully less than 5 weeks to go. Mommy....on the other very ready to be done. Some people can do pregnancy....I cannot. Emotionally and physically. All I can think about is how badly I want to work out and not be so huge anymore. I've only gained 20lbs with this pregnancy, which is 20 less than I gained with Kendal. But I'm SOO ready to get this baby out! This will probably be our last child. Never thought I'd only have 2 kids. But pregnancy is very hard for me. 

I want to keep updating this blog as much as I can so that I can have memories to look back on. I am horrible at keeping a journal so this may become one.