Monday, October 31, 2011

Weight Loss Blog

I am following some people's weight loss blog and to me they are very inspirational. So I wanted to start my own. You can follow what I'm up to and what not's here....

Weight Loss Blog 

Trunk Or Treat

Friday night was our ward trunk or treat. Kendal wanted to be Belle for Halloween but we didn't want to spend $20 on a costume so...Daddy picked up this super cute witch costume for half the price. Kendal loved it and loved putting makeup on. Even though she kept rubbing her eyes and smearing the makeup haha

 Isn't she beautiful?!

 Talk about no costumes for kids! Man! Thought the elephant was was much cuter on the cover of the costume wrapping lol

And this is why I hate flash. I never shoot with it. Gah!

 Hey look! It's ME! I've notice that I am hardly in any photos! And now that I've lost a bunch of weight I figured I should be in more! :) Cute Mylee was so tired.

 This photo here is a VERY RARE occasion! She NEVER falls asleep with me! 

Kendal won a mini cake from the cake walk! Messy!

Tonight we are going to Anthem with some of our good friends for dinner and trick or treating! I'll post those photos later!

But I'll leave you with this....

She is 7 months old on the 2nd and pulled herself up to standing TWICE yesterday!! Ah!! I knew she was going to be difficult because she is such a drama queen...I didn't know she was going to be doing this too! She is such a busy body! I love it though! It will help entertain Kendal! My other busy body! 

Thursday, October 27, 2011

6 Month Comparison And Who Does Mylee Look Like?

When Kendal was 6 months I took some really cute photos of her wearing this really cute jacket. Well...yesterday when Tanner got home, we tried to re-do some of Mylee in the jacket. I shot with a different lens so maybe I'll take some more with the lens I used to take Kendal's. Make sense? Here's Kendal at 6 months...isn't she beautiful!?

And now...Mylee

Don't you just LOVE her gummy smile?!? Won't be gummy for too much longer! Her first tooth broke through on Monday! And a second is right behind. Poor thing has been in so much pain! 

 Funny how different they look to me. 

At the beginning of the month, Mylee started army crawling. She is everywhere now! Just yesterday, Kendal was getting really frustrated because Mylee was chasing her around the room trying to get her puzzle pieces. I couldn't help but laugh....and laugh and laugh. It really was so funny. Mylee is quick these days. Mylee can also get from the sitting position to crawling without falling. She is one strong little chick.  She is also VERY VERY dramatic! I'm going to have my hands full with her. I laugh though. I know she was sent to me as a second child because Kendal has really taught me a lot and I think if Mylee were first born....we'd all be dead. When Mylee doesn't get what she wants, which she wants anything and everything we have, she holds her arms straight out to the side and tightens them, holds her breath and then releases with a huge grunt. It is so funny!! Tanner saw it for the first time yesterday and about died. I really am truly grateful Mylee is my second child. I am able to enjoy her dramatic-ness a whole lot more. I love it! 

Another thing I've been wanting to do is compare baby photos with Mylee and Tanner and I. I have heard Kendal's whole life how much she looks like Tanner...and I 100% agree. With Mylee, I've heard both.  Choose for yourself. What do you think? Who does Mylee look like?




This past Sunday I taught in Relief Society for my very first time. I absolutely LOVED it! It was so fun to be up there and interacting with the women. I hope they ask me to teach again...I honestly had fun. 

Also, I ran another 5k last night...not in a race...just the 3.1 miles. My sweet IPOD tanner got me for my birthday has workout modes on it and tracks distance and time. I love it. I was able to run the 3 miles a little faster than in my race and I even felt I could go faster than I did, but I was with some friends and didn't want to leave them. I felt 100% better last night than I did on Saturday. My legs were not about to give out last night and I didn't cramp up. It was amazing! I've been running every other day and on the days I don't run I do some weight training. Just after 3 days of working out I was able to run better. I can't wait for my next 5k race on November 5th! 

Bugs Me When...(WARNING...venting at your own risk)

Do you have things that bug you? I do. One thing that is really starting to get on my nerves is when people say..."Oh I love your MUST have a nice camera/lens."


When you eat dinner at someone's house, do you say to them..."That meal was really MUST have a nice OVEN?" 


When when someone finishes a race...."Oh wow, you ran really fast, you must have nice shoes."


When a cute outfit is sown..."Oh wow, that is a beautiful MUST have a nice sewing machine."

No you don't. Give credit where credit is deserved. (Hope that makes sense, I think I just made that up.)

This is not directed in anyone specific...I have had a lot of people say that to me... "you MUST have a nice/expensive camera/lens." Well...yes I do. But it's affordable. You get one and try to get the photos I take yourself. It bugs me! 

I love my photography and I can finally say that. It's NOT just my nice camera. It's talent, knowledge and editing skills.

Another thing, if I may....I jumped on facebook yesterday because I heard a good friend had her baby. She doesn't blog and so the only way I'd see her baby is through facebook. (FYI: I deleted my facebook account 4 months ago.) I got on my hubby's and after 5 minutes of looking at people's status updates, I remembered why I left. Yes, I'll admit, this was me. People post "I should really get off my butt and clean my house" "I should really....." "I just did this...." "I'm at the grocery store..." Fill in the blank. Doesn't that get annoying to sit and read your 200+ friend's status updates? I was the one doing that and I was obsessed with facebook. But I can't imagine ever wanting to desire to get back on. What a waste. 

Again...sorry for my venting. It's my blog...I can vent if I want to :) 

Saturday, October 22, 2011


Wow is all I can say! I'm not a runner. I am a sprinter, well back my day that is. I have never in my life ran more than a mile, until this past Wednesday....2 days before the race. I ran those two miles in 25 minutes so I was expecting to run the 5k in 40 minutes. Honestly. My first mile the other day was a 10 minute mile, the second mile was 15 and so I was guessing I'd be dead by the 3rd. 

Starting from the beginning, both Tanner and I ran this. We slept horrible the night before. I had a cold the day before and wasn't feeling well at all. But we showed up at 7am and got ready to run. Now, this was very special for me. Tanner and I don't have much we do together...without kids. As I'm sure a lot of parent's don't. But it's important to me to have something with Tanner. (We'll see how long this running thing lasts lol!) Anyway, we warmed up and headed over to the starting line. And boy oh boy was my adrenaline pumping like mad crazy. Tanner and I started off together and stayed close for about half the way. I was surprised because his strides are 2x's the length of mine! About the half way point we both kind a needed a break. We walked and about 30 seconds I was like, HECK NO! I'm not walking! So I ditched Tanner, sorry babe. I caught up to a girl who looked like she knew what she was doing pace wise, so I followed her. I had no clue what to do. After a while of following her she stopped to walk so I past and kept going. I did take another break around the 3 mile mark, I think. Another no I'm not stopping moment and then I started running again. 

There was no better feeling than being in site of the finishing line. I started sprinting the last quarter mile and kept that speed til the finish. Man, it felt so stinking good! I will be doing a ton more races just for that feeling! Tanner came in a few minutes behind me, I loved watching him finish. I was cheering and just so happy we could do this together.  

Both Tanner and I took second place in our age groups, females 20-29 and males 20-29. And the most rewarding part...we got medals! Very cool! I had no idea going into this that I would place or get a medal. Just fun to get a physical thing, make sense? 

(dont know why mine looks maybe)

(I always forget how short he makes me look, but in my defense....he is 6'5!) Kendal wanted to join in on the photo :)

October 22, 2011 Final Time 31:13.
Next race November 5, 2011


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Mylee At Her Best

Before Mylee goes to bed she likes to her bed. For some reason she likes to smash her face against her bed while talking and laughing at us. I don't get why she likes it, but she sure makes some funny faces! She is such a funny baby!

Mylee is sitting up really well now. She rarely tips over anymore and she is starting to control her transition from sitting into crawling. Pretty dang good. She is crawling EVERY WHERE! (army crawling that is) But man, she can really get going. Especially after something Kendal has. Mylee loves playing with Kendal and wants to do everything she does. I need to get it on video because it is hilarious! 

And now, I'm going to brag about myself a little, so stop reading if you don't care haha 

Last night was the first time in my life that I ran 2 whole miles without stopping! Silly, but man I felt so good. The last half mile all I could think about was convincing myself to stop. But luckily I had my wonderful ipod Tanner bought me for my birthday, so with a change of a song I was able to make it. That song was Party Rock Anthem but LMFAO. It is such a fun song. Anyway, I just wanted to record this. My first 2 mile run, with no breaks! And I'm not dead this morning! That's all. Thanks. :)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Bye Bye DREADS! brother Tim, who is currently in New York practicing with the Buffalo Bills, has recently chopped his hair off. This was a family affair and we all took turns cutting his dreads one by one. 

 (my lens doesn't zoom in and out like a normal one...don't think someone knew that! lol this makes me laugh though!)

 Yes...we weighed them!

Out of Africa Trip #4!

Back in February we bought a season pass to Out of Africa. We went again this past weekend. The weather was beautiful! It's really fun when the weather is nice because the animals are definitely more active.

Tanner and I both received giraffe kisses! They weren't too bad! ;)

 Mylee wanted to eat the carrot instead of feeding the giraffe :)

They do a show called Tiger Splash. Last time we saw it, it was pretty boring. It was hot out. So this time the tiger was way more active. They try to get the tiger to go after the inflatable toys and then jump into the water. It was a lot of fun! 

 Look at that amazing dad!!! 

The tiger that was in Tiger Splash was this lion's roommate, crazy huh? The whole time while the tiger was gone, the lion would just pace around as if she was jealous that she doesn't get to play.

Tanner did get the lion to chase him a little. Before I got the camera out the lion would growl at Tanner. I love this park! I love how close we can get to the animals!