Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Little Bit of Kendal

The other day we went to the park to photograph some kiddos for the contest I have starting tomorrow and Kendal decided to copy her friends and climb a tree...but she isn't as good as her friends...she got STUCK!

She was in there good and tight! Funny girl!

I've going back and forth on whether or not I should take away Kendal's naps. If she does get a nap...she's up til 11pm!! Mommy can't do that anymore! We've been waking up early to go hiking, so if I don't get to bed early, obviously I'm tired the next day. So yesterday was day 2 of no naps and it went pretty good. Mylee slept a lot yesterday so I was able to capture some photos of Kendal girl playing.

Kendal has always loved to jump. I wanted to buy a trampoline for her but we don't have the yard for I found this joy at goodwill for $8!

Kendal likes to lay under the trampoline and bounce her toys.

In our motorhome, I had painted some wood with chalkboard paint. Kendal had a blast with the walls, so when we sold the motorhome, I took the boards out and now use them in the new place. I don't want to nail the boards up putting holes in the we just pull it out of storage every now and then for her to draw on.
She has been drawing "people" for a while now. I just haven't had a chance to take a picture of it. In the above drawing, she drew Daddy. But she drew him too close to the edge, so he only has one arm lol She was mad and erased him. haha

So...keeping on with the no nap thing...we were very busy moving from one activity to the next. Next on the list...we played with letters! She loves her letters and knows most of them by sight but knows all their sounds. I was so afraid I was going to have a dumb kid because I didn't like school and had no clue how to teach letters and counting. But it really isn't has hard as I thought it would be. Kids are smarter than we think! :)

Kendal loves to wear Mommy and Daddy's shoes. From my high heels to Daddy's HUGE work doesn't matter. She, in the photo above, is trying to tie my running shoes. She gets frustrated because she doesn't know how...maybe it's time to teach her!

LEGOS! We LOVE legos in our house! She is always pretending to build helicopters and tall buildings. She likes to try to get the building as tall as her...but her building is so narrow it always crashes down. So we've been trying to teach her to build it thicker so it's sturdy. She's getting it!

HAHA! She is soo funny!

After playing all day, come 5pm she was tired! Probably wasn't a good idea to put on a movie...but I needed to start dinner....

I woke her up and we played candyland! She loves this game!
Well here's to day 3 with no nap! It's easy on Sundays to go without a nap because by the time we get home from church it's halfway through naptime! :) Wish us luck!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

5-7 Weeks Old...I got a little behind!

I have not posted in such a long time!!! Luckily I have photos to help remember the time that has past! This will probably be a jumbled blog post but it'll help me remember :)

Kendal love to play with Mylee's carseat. Weather it's her sitting in it or buckling her doll in it. She looks like a mess...but she always does after naptime :)

Kendal is a good helper with Mylee. She loves her sister and loves to hold her. These photos below, she actual put Mylee down for a nap :)

This was probably about 2 weeks ago...and since then she really doesn't do this as much..but she used to "nurse" her toys. Don't know why she stopped. She's just so busy that "nursing" got old. lol

Here is my hard working hubby. I didn't realize how much he goes through at work til the other day when we was telling me stories. Gah. I cried. I love this guy so much! He is currently looking at 2 different positions that are hiring..please pray he gets them! I hope the new job will be better for him...but really I think ANYTHING would be better.

Once again, Kendal being a big helper.

MOTHER'S DAY! Tanner bought me a new lens!! I am in LOVE with the lens! These are some photos of Kendal using the lens!

This photo below is indoors...look how bright! Love it!

These photos of Mylee were taken before I got my lens...these are her 5 week photos! I love them!

These photos are from 6 weeks. Is she not the CUTEST thing ever!? Gah! I love this girl! She started smiling around 5 weeks and now she's 7 weeks and cooing and trying to giggle! I love it! I was having a hard day the other day and looked down at Mylee to get her out of her carseat and she was just looking up at me with the CUTEST smile. She melts my heart! She is such a Mommy's girl! A good and bad thing! I love it though! She really is in all a great baby!

These are more from 6 weeks old. 6 1/2. See...I'm great at taking photos...just not posting them! I love being able to look back and see the growth. I just need to get better at posting!

She had a heat rash for a few weeks. Poor thing. Her little face was covered in a rash! Luckily it wasn't nearly as bad as Kendal's. She is still beautiful though! 

Alright...Now for the now! Mylee girl turned 7 weeks old 4 days ago! Ah! I can't believe how fast time is flying!!! Here are some photos we took for her 7 weeks...

I'm in love with her!!! 
We also took some photos of Kendal girl and Mylee. Hadn't really done that yet, so we a few good ones, but Miss Kendal is in a funny stage with her smiling. Very crazy! But she's beautiful!
(this is Mylee's new way of sleeping. She rolls to one side and arches her back and neck. She looks so awkward but not matter where she is sleeping this is the position. Even in her swing!)

And last but not beautiful ALMOST 3 year old!! AH!!! I cannot believe she is almost THREE!! I love her! Most days....We are still figuring out life with her. She is GREAT with Mylee...too much sometimes. But she is very whiny again. I'm figuring that's how she shows she needs us. She is such a funny girl. Saying funny things. I want to write them down. I need to be better at that!

Any time her tummy growls cuz she's hungry she says, Mom! Do you hear my HEART? It's saying FEED ME FEED ME! 

When she is bored she'll ask me, "What do I need Mommy?" So I ask her "Kendal, what do you need?" She then answers with something like "I'm hungry" or "I want to snuggle" or "I want to go play with friends." She's awesome! 

I can't think of anything else right now. I will get better at writing them down so I can remember.

How did I get blessed with such BEAUTIFUL girls!? I'm the luckiest Mommy ever!

I have started doing photography again! I decided that if I wanted to steer clear from the HORRIBLE, AWFUL  CRAPPY depression I had after Kendal was born....I needed to do everything OPPOSITE of what I did after having her. I now go hike a mountain, a paved road so I can push the stroller...still a killer workout, every day! I have FRIENDS! And I'm hoping to make more! And I'm also getting breaks from my girls! From doing all this...I. FEEL. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Seriously I feel great! I noticed though, yesterday, I did not workout...and my emotions were WACKED out! I was grumpy and very hard on myself! But after working out today, I'm back to my happy cheerful self! I love it!  

I'm so happy I started doing photography again! I feel much more confident in my work now. I have received such great compliments from people and that has built my confidence. Check out my latest work HERE and HERE. I am very happy with the way these sessions turned out. 

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Kendal will be 3 in July. So when she is asked how old she is, she still says 2. But I always say she'll be 3 in July because everyone who asks is very surprised with her vocabulary and other things. The other day I had a friend come over to hang out and she asked Kendal how old she was and she replied "3 in July" it was so funny! She's never said it before and now that's how she answers the "how old are you" question. Here is a video of her answering the question. Sounds like "fish in the lie" haha Oh and you like how she's already smiling for a photo and it's a video! 

This is her new trick she's learned and she thinks she's so funny doing it! 
Time for another update! This week was great! Well, every week is great now that I'm not pregnant! :) Not much really has changed since I last posted. Mylee is getting better with nursing. I still have to burp her every 2 or 3 minutes because she gets so much air. Any suggestions? I want to get her burps on video because they are so massive! I think she beats Tanner! So sad. But at least she is eating better and eating more. 

The other day Tanner came home from work with this...
How awesome is that! The HR lady made this for us. So awesome!

Kendal girl really loves to read! It's really nice when I have to nurse Mylee and I have to become a couch dictator, so I ask Kendal to get a book to read to Mylee as she eats.
I love that Kendal loves to read so much. Tanner and I both hate to read so it's amazing that Kendal will sit and read like she does. 

Mylee girl is such a snuggle bug! I love it. I love the way she snuggles her face in my neck. During the day she can only sleep like this or in her bouncer. She can sleep in her bassinet, but that means 20 minutes of screaming herself to sleep. And I can't handle that. I'm a wuss as Tanner calls me. But maybe when she's a little older I can handle her screaming. Just so sad. 

Kendal thinks it's so fun to use my clips as body piercings. If she finds them, she ALWAYS puts them on her tummy. And yes, she likes to run around in just her panties.

I usually bathe Mylee in the sink but on this particular day we were rushing around so I decided to try bathing the girls together. What a time saver!
Kendal sure enjoyed playing with Mylee and Mylee finally seemed to enjoy her bath! Score!

Also this week, Kendal realized she has a ton of toys that she never plays with. After realizing this, my house has been a DISASTER! But, Kendal has also been less on my nerves! haha! Meaning, she's been able to entertain herself a whole lot better now and not getting into things she's not supposed to.
Such a princess!!! Isn't she beautiful!

With Kendal finding all her toys again...which they are just in the cupboard under the TV, not hard to find, she's found her doodle pad again. She's getting really good at drawing faces!
This is Dad.
This is Mom.

Mylee is starting to smile now! Just at Tanner though! My girls love their Daddy! 
Just a teaser smile....she looks sooo sweet!

And then...

She's such a funny little girl!

We went to church for the third time today! The last two weeks we've gone because Uncle McCoy was speaking. Once at stake conference and then his homecoming was Easter Sunday. Might as well keep going right? Today we stayed for the whole block and did very well. No little ones were sick in nursery so Mommy and Kendal were able to break our cabin fever we've been developing! Here are some pictures from today. I REALLY am missing my nice camera...BUT at least I have a camera while it's in the shop!
 She looks like a CHUNK in this picture! I love her cheeks!

 Can't believe my baby girl is 4 weeks old now!!! Time is flying by and I need to take more photos! Photos seem to freeze time. :)
 Kendal is so beautiful! I've learned this week that I just need to laugh at her. She knows every button to push to get me mad, but if I just laugh at her instead of getting mad she starts to laugh and is happy. Where as if I were to get mad at her she throws a fit and we're both just unhappy. A good friend, my sister in law, told me that the only reason for anger is because of not knowing how to handle a situation. Or something along those lines but that's what I'm living by. It's really a whole lot easier now with that on my mind. If I don't know how to handle a situation, I really do end up handling it with anger. So, come what may and LOVE it. I mean really....
 how could you NOT love this face!

We tried to get some photos of the girls together...but Mylee had enough and wanted to sleep in peace!

Love my girls!