Friday, October 29, 2010

Quick Update

I don't have a lot of time to write, we are headed to another Trunk or Treat! I will post lots next week! Finding out baby gender on Tuesday!

I've been doing some changes in the motor's the first :)

Before...notice the play space??? Or lack of?!


The black is painted on and is a chalkboard...we have LOTS of fun coloring on the "black walls" we say that so she will learn she can only color on those :)

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Most recent family photo...June 2010

So...hi! For the last 10 months I've been living on my in-laws land. Wasn't able to use the Internet to update my blog. We moved about 3 weeks ago and I figured it might be time to update again!

Where to start?! This is what we are living in's very old...a '87....but the inside looks much, much better :)

The past few weeks I am realizing how blessed I am. I suffered really bad depression and still continue to fight it. This year has been VERY, VERY difficult for me. Most of which I do not want to discuss because it has come and gone. But about a week ago something happened and it changed my mindset and outlook on life. I started reading the book "5 Scriptures That Will Get you Through Almost Anything" by John Bytheway, and in there I realized something Very important. I finally understood how to rely on the Atonement. Since then life has been a whole lot better!

I have the BEST husband! He moved our family into the motor home in December 2009. His parents rented out a space for us to park on. We are grateful for them and all they have done for us...but 10 months of living "back at home" was sort of getting to Tanner and I. So we moved about 3 weeks ago. We moved to a small ranch where they have horses, goats, cows and chickens. We could not have it better than we do now! We picked up a job of feeding the animals and cleaning stalls. Pays for rent. Could not be more blessed. Kendal helps feeds and LOVES it. She is such a great helper. But...kind of got off topic...Tanner moved us into the motor home and at first it was nice. Then it got REALLY REALLY BAD! I hated it. Cannot say how badly I hated it. After a long battle we decided we didn't want to live in apartments again...or buy a house in this crappy economy. So we moved the motor home to a different property. And the move has been great for me. Once again...I am SO GRATEFUL for my in-laws and don't mean any disrespect towards them...but I love having my own space. So's obvious to say that I LOVE my motor home. Yes it could use a paint job...but the inside is great. We've done some things to improve, make it better for Kendal really, and we love it. (I will take pictures and post them next week.)

Another thing...most of you know due to good old facebook...we are expecting another baby! I'm almost 17 weeks and will find out November 2nd what we are having. I have a good guess what it is...but we'll wait and see :) I'm so thrilled about this and Kendal is too. She too has a baby in her tummy ;) She thinks she does cuz I do. Two year olds. :) This is me at 15 weeks and I feel I've double in size already. I'll take a new photo in a few weeks :)
Now on to Kendal girl. Don't even know where to begin. She is hilarious!! Always making us laugh and is such a joy. Kids really do say the darnedest things. It's so fun to hear her long full sentences and big words she's using now. She has been sitting in timeout for screaming lately...LOUD kill your ears kind of scream. The other day Tanner brought home a baby horny toad. We asked Kendal if she wanted to hold it and she calmly says "No. I scream then sit in timeout" haha I wish she would get the point of if she throws a tantrum she sits in timeout. Someday. Well I come to my parent's house once a week to do laundry so that's when I can update my blog :) Next week I will post ultrasound pictures and gender :) And lots of pictures of my big girl Kendal.

Count your blessings! :)