Sunday, January 31, 2010

Nothing Like A Free Date!

For the past 3 years, Tanner and I have wanted to go to monster jam. But due to the lack of money, we were not able to go. This year, we finally decided to go. We had some money and wanted to go. Friday night, one of the monster trucks was out at UTI in Avondale. There, they were doing contests and giving away free tickets. After being ignored and looked over for 2 contests, Tanner finally got to go up. There were only 2 tickets left to give away and he was going to get them. He had his mind set and was doing it. He went up on stage and the contest was like an American Idol. The 4 contestants had to pick their favorite song and sing a line. The crowd would then cheer for the contestant they liked the most. Tanner blew everyone away! He sang Beastie Boys You got to fight for the right to party. It was AWESOME!!! He had the whole crowd cheering! lol The other 3 people were nothing compared to him. And I am not just saying that cuz I'm married to him. It was seriously awesome!

The next day, Saturday, was the Monster Jam show. I had a volleyball tournament in Prescott all morning came home around 3:30 and then we left to go to Monster Jam. I was sooooo EXCITED!! When we get to Chase Field we drove around a little to try to find the cheapest parking. Everyone was asking $10 or $15! Way too much to park haha Tanner found an empty spot that didn't need to be paid for. There were two motorcyclists that just parked next the the empty one. So Tanner parked across the street jumped out of the car and ask the guys if it was legal to park there. Then a meter maid came around and so he asked her. She said it was fine so Tanner ran back to the car and put it in gear to park in the empty spot. As he started going another car was coming so Tanner waited for them to pass and the car took his spot! I was pissed!! Tanner whistled and yelled at them to get out. They didn't listen! Then the motorcycle guys told the car driver that we were there and he needed to move. We then think the driver said something cuz the motorcycle guy said "it's really nothing to fight over. It's just common courtesy." So the driver backed out and we got the spot! HAHAHA!! Free tickets and Parking!!! Nothing like a free date!

Monster Jam was AMAZING!! So much fun! I want to go back EVERY year! Here are a few photos I took.


He totally saved this! Crazy!

Thursday, January 21, 2010


What a bad blogger I have turned into. But it's hard to blog when I don't have my own computer. Right now I use my in-laws computer to get online. So I don't want to be uploading tons of photos and taking up space. I will try to blog when I go to my parent's house, that is where my computer is.