Sunday, June 28, 2009


After my week long vacation...there was more fun to join in on. I got home Friday night around 1am and Saturday my family went Windsurfing at Lake Pleasant! I love hanging out with my family and had so much fun learning how to windsurf! Here are some pictures from that great adventure!
Tanner was mimicking how my mom was standing...she didn't understand why we were laughing so hard.... : )

Baby K...we put sunscreen on her head to protect we used the sunscreen has jell and made her a little fohawk 



Really old puppy...Charlie

Ben learning to surf

Tanner : )



Dad....waiting for the wind...can't really go anywhere with out wind : )

Charlie trying to get Tanner

Kendal's new trick!

She learned at Bear Lake....she loves splashing! (look below for Bear Lake post)

3 generations...

Kendal sleeping with her grandma!

Tanner had dragonflies mating on his back...nice


I love him!!

(keeping reading down...there are LOTS more posts with LOTS more pictures!!!)



This past week, June 18th through June 26th, Tanner and I went up to Utah for his parent's family reunions. There are 3 new post and they are all backwards but whatever! : ) We had soo much fun seeing the family again! Thanks!

Bear Lake

After all the reunions were over, we all headed up to Bear Lake. Tanner, his dad and his brother all left Sunday so they can go back to work. Tanner's mom, sister, sister-in-law and I all stayed another week there. I had fun and learned a lot. I always love being on me lots of time to think about life. I am so grateful for the time I did have to sit and think about the changes I need to make in my life! Thank you Sandra for all the fun we did have. It was really nice to get away from life a little : ) And thank you Grandma Elison for letting us use your cabin! It was beautiful! And thank you Grandma Dallas, my grandma, for letting us stay with you! I had so much fun hanging out with you! I miss you already!! 

Here are a TON of pictures from the vacation!!

Beautiful flowers!

Baby skunk

Daisy from Bambi : )

Double rainbow

First day at Bear Lake. She was a little timid with the water...

So instead of playing in the water...she chased the birds

Along with chasing birds...She ate sand

Day 2 at Bear Lake...
She LOVED the water...she splashed around for like 15 minutes!!

Aunt Carly

While at Bear Lake she got pretty sick! It was soo sad! So...we gave her a sucker to make her happy! 

Saturday's Reunion

Saturday was Tanner's mom's reunion. We had so much fun playing games!

Her goofy faces!!

Sack race

Tanner is up...

Tanner is down :)

Three-legged wasn't really fair...only cuz Tanner and Brad were both 6'5 : )

 Ya...they won! It was really fun watching them run though...Tanner was laughing so hard!