Friday, May 11, 2012

Short and Sweet

We went for a 6 mile bike ride this morning. Kendal rode 2 whole miles on her little bike with no training wheels! I'm soo proud of her! The other 4 miles she played with ALL the toys I packed in the bike stroller with Mylee. They sure are heavy both being in the trailer! I wanted to make sure the girls were occupied while on the ride! I didn't take any photos of the ride. After the bike ride we came out and made lunch and played. I didn't make playdough like I wanted to, well like Kendal wanted to. The bike ride took up most our morning. (mainly cuz we went later in the morning) It was nice to actually have the girls sit and play with toys. They rarely do that anymore. I think it's because I didn't do much with them before this week so playing with toys was the only option. And it got boring. So, after a few days of not touching most their toys, the actually sat and quietly played! 

 Kendal got buzz to hold her barbie. She ran around the room several times yelling "Buzz Lightyear! To the Rescue!" While Barbie was in his arms. How romantic! ;)

 Playing peek-a-boo!

 Being tired. 

 Kendal decided she wanted to play with the stroller so she picked Mylee up and buckled her in. We don't have much room in the house so she just spun her around in circles!

 Save me Mommy!


Kendal loves silk! Anything silk she will sit for a minute or two and "scrub" the silk together. She has done this since she was 18 months old or so. It's pretty funny. She gets this exact look on her face, you can tell she's tired! 

 The girls took a LONG nap today! They both took a shorter one yesterday and woke up early this morning. Mylee got a 4 hour nap and Kendal 3 hours! It was wonderful! Know what I did during nap?? NOTHING! haha well, a few dishes. But really I just kind of laid in bed and thought about nothing. It. was. nice. Pretty silly, huh? I just feel like I've been going a mile a minute this week. I've loved playing more with my girls but I haven't just sat with no noise. I'm pretty lame. But whatever! :)

Tonight we went to a little buddy's birthday party! It was so much fun for the girls to play! I don't think I saw either of them the whole 2 hours we were there. (I did, but not for too long) It was fun.
 It's still SOO cute to see little Mylee just walking everywhere. She's all over the house now. Just walking in circles and pointing to everything. She is such a sweet little girl.

Kendal, such a stinker. Wouldn't let me take a picture of her. 

Well, tomorrow is a very exciting day for us! I have a 5k race in the morning, which I'm VERY excited for, and spending the afternoon at Wet N Wild. Then later doing a Mother's Day dinner with my mom! Hoping for lots of photos to share tomorrow night! 

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