Monday, May 21, 2012

My Mother's Day! And the week after...

Yes, I started this post over a week ago. And never got around to finishing it!! There goes my goal of posting everyday for a month. Oh well. It was fun while it lasted. Even though I didn't post at all last week, the girls and I still had lots of fun. I'm sort of falling off the internet world again. I was off facebook for over 9 months and hardly blogged and it was nice. I came back to interact with friends and that's not really happening. So I'm kind of not spending time on the computer, hence the reason of no posts last week. I liked being off. I liked just having my weight loss blog. I feel when I share my accomplishments or something on the great world of facebook, I get comments that I'm "bragging" It's kind of bringing me down and not helping me. I really enjoyed updating my weight loss blog and sort of knowing no one looked at it...I wasn't scared to post my successes or failures because I knew I wouldn't get peoples opinions. So, yet again, I'm going off facebook. I wish that my friends on facebook actually wanted to hangout, IN PERSON and not just chat online. Sad. But it is what it is. I'm a MUCH happier person not being on there. It's addicting. You have to see what your friends post, even if it's something silly as "oh just cleaning the house today" I'm probably weak but it gives me something to do. I will continue to update this blog and get back to updating my weight loss blog. I enjoy it. I love the fact that I have been able to help motivate or inspire several friends, but I don't like feeling insecure with posting about my accomplishments. I got over insecurity when I off facebook, but I feel lots of emotions coming back. Anyway, I've changed a lot over these past few months and I REALLY enjoyed it. But being back in the internet world and getting distracted with facebook I've suck into depression again. Mild depression. But still, depression.

Anyway, on to my post for today.

From a week ago!

Mother's Day this year was awesome! I mean come on, being a mom to these TWO beautiful girls, it doesn't get any better than that!!
This year was really special for me. I think it's really because I am FINALLY happy and FINALLY loving being a mom. Motherhood is hard stuff. I've been trying with all my might to turn my life around, and I feel I'm finally doing it! I love my girls so much and I love being their Mommy!

Tanner got me a wonderful gift this year! A little background on him....he isn't the most romantic man, he doesn't really do gifts and when he does, he bought the gift the day of the special occasion. So...last Saturday, the week BEFORE Mother's Day, we were sitting in the kitchen and all of a sudden he's all "Oh crap!.....This wasn't suppose to happen like this!" I asked what he was talking about and he replied "Tomorrow?.....Mother's Day??...." I just stared at him, confused, and finally said, "Babe, it's next week." hahahaha Sunday morning he handed me 2 boxes. One was a BEAUTIFUL PEARL necklace from the SHANE COMPANY! What?! If I were expecting jewelry, I was expected Walmart brand! Not high quality stuff!! I also got a pearl bracelet! I was so shocked! This is the first time he's bought me jewelry! Not only was the gift beautiful and of good quality but he actually had gotten the gift a few days early! I felt extremely loved!

Last week....

 Like how Mylee stuffed the WHOLE strawberry in her mouth??

 Daddy came home with water balloons one day! 

 This is how Kendal tried filling them up, didn't work very well ;)

 I missed this! Tanner was going to empty the cooler of water and I didn't realize he was going to dump it all on Kendal!!! What a silly Daddy!

 He thinks he's SO funny!

 Loving her after he dumped the water on her!

On Friday we went to the Desert Botanical Gardens. It was very beautiful but I think I want to go back next spring when all the flowers are actually in bloom! And not dying.


 Kendal wanted to carry my purse around! 

 See the lizard??

 I dyed laughing when I saw this cactus! "Old man" cactus! Look at the fuzz!! 

Well, on to another week. Not sure if I'm really going to be posting everyday. But I do enjoy keeping my blog up to date. It's fun to look back on!


Annie Koop said...

Cute pictures!! Dads are so much fun!!!

Anthony and Erin Mills said...

Awesome! Looks like Tanner is spoiling you!

Leslie said...

These pictures are great. Glad to have some new posts to read.